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Automate Data Processing Agreements delivery with zero input from your side

With QuickDocs your lawyers don’t need to engage in routine DPA drafting. This is a completely automated engine that delivers 100% compliant contracts while your legal team takes care of more serious matters.

Leave routine to the machine.
Automate DPA workflows with QuickDocs.

What is QuickDocs?

QuickDocs lets you forget about hours consumed by managing data processing addendums on a daily basis. It is an automation mechanism that works independently, without the need of human interaction. All you need to do is provide us with your document templates. We’ll analyze them for patterns and you’ll have a tailored DPA ready to deliver straight to your customers in 3 days.

Our interface lets your clients do all the work of filing the necessary information. This should make your lawyer happy.

No bottlenecks. No delays. Just like that.

QuickDocs is the right fit for

.00 USD/Mo
Unlimited users
600 documents/yr
Cancel any time
30-day money back guarantee
Live in 3 days
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Out-of-the-box features

Create DPAs that look modern and are compliant with your brandbook, as well as with the book of the law. Our document whitelabelling function and easy-to-use interface will help you with that.

With metadata-based search options you can easily find and evaluate the needed DPA. We provide storage for your contracts. Access them whenever, wherever you need them. Assess your contracts and manage key data with our instruments for contract analysis.

Your clients answer questions, and QuickDocs adapts the way the DPA will look in the end. Clause library and condition-based contract structuring will fit the needs of any document alterations.

Ensure fast onboarding experience, let your clients control the drafting processes with on-site forms. You just paste the link on your website, and let your users do all the work.

Save 30% off your lawyer’s hourly pay, put their time to better use.

How long does it take your lawyer to process a routine DPA agreement? Probably around 2 hours. If your lawyer is making $90 an hour, a DPA costs you $180. Taking care of twenty such addendums per month adds up to $3,600.

Spend a fraction of these expenses on QuickDocs. Invest the rest wisely

WHY QuickDocs?

Save more, spend less

If you let automation take care of DPA drafts, you get a legal team with more time and energy to do other work. Instead of expanding, plan your resources more efficiently with QuickDocs.

Impress your clients

The client is the king, and they like to be in control of the processes. Onboarding with QuickDocs is fully automated, and works with zero friction. Sit back and relax while your clients do all the filling out. They’ll enjoy it as much as you will.

Manage your workflow

You run a team of legal experts. Delegate routine to the software, and let your legal function take care of more high-scale legal matters

Get your backlog ready

Take care of meaningful work instead of spending hours on routine. QuickDocs will take care of data protection agreement drafting while you clean up your backlog.

How it works?


It starts with a bonus. Give us the data processing addendum templates—we will analyze them for patterns and roll out a working solution, free of charge.


You will get a link with a public-facing template that is yours to do as you please—post it on your website, send it out as a newsletter, or share it with your clients any other way.


It is now your customer’s turn to do the job. They fill out and submit the DPA.


Your database gets all the information they filled out, while your client gets a tailored, signed and completed data processing addendum in several seconds.

Does anyone already use

But of course. Take a look at these contract forms that run on our clients’ websites.

How QuickDocs stands against
the competition

We are up for a good game against really great document automation and data collection software. Check out how QuickDocs’s feature set stacks against our competitors’.

DocuSign PowerForms
PandaDoc Forms
Automation of simple fill-in forms
Built-in E-sign
Custom branding
‘Sign and pay’ action flow
Dynamic document drafting (withflexible condition-based clauses)
‘Multiple document delivery action flow
Full-text search across storeddocuments
Unlimited documents
Unlimited users

Want to see how QuickDocs will fit into your existing legal operations workflows?

Let’s discuss it!

Frequently asked questions

faq 4

Does this only work for Data Processing Agreements?

Right now QuickDocs works with simple contracts. Non-Disclosure Agreements, Data Processing Addendums, and SOC-2 report requests is what we have for now. But we are flexible. If you are looking to automate another contract type, send us a message. If we have enough patterns to analyze, we can talk.

What is your refund policy?

Our policy guarantees you will have your money back within the 30-days period if our product does not suit your business. You can submit for a full refund at any time during that period.

Are there other solutions similar to QuickDocs?

QuickDocs is the only self-service document automation on the market that provides (1) modern template looks with corporate branding, (2) document storage and analytics, (3) flexible clause playbook for adaptive templates. Other automation software is good, but they simply deliver a single document template without alterations. And not all of them work with legal contracts.

What do I pay for?

We only charge you for the amount of contract templates you want to automate, regardless of the number of documents that you draft within this template.

Is the implementation billed extra?

There is no implementation fee☺️
Setting all up is a bonus that is free for all our users when they onboard with QuickDocs. With our powerful AI engine we can have your NDA, DPA, and SOC-2 report contracts ready in 3 days. A piece of cake that does not need charging.

Will I need to register my clients with QuickDocs to draft documents?

No need 😉
Our templates are publicly accessible to anyone that has the link. You get it first. It’s up to you to decide what to do with it.

Time per document with axdraft
Time per document before axdraft
2m ₴
5+ months
The ease of use for our customers is huge for us, but the easing of administrative burden on my team has been thebiggest win. We’re no longer monitoring an inbox and updating spreadsheets. Rather, we’re capturing all necessary data at the point of submission.
Head of Legal Operations

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