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Just Like Word Online, but Better

AXDRAFT Collaborative Editor is a single source of truth for your negotiation and redlining processes. Stay in control of all changes inside your contracts, and reach the approval stage 4x faster.
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average value gained annually
40% faster
contract redlining and sign-off
630 hours
average time saved annually

Emailing contracts is no longer necessary

Sending redlined MS Word documents via email worked well enough for almost three decades. But these days, it’s not only messy, but it can compromise your company’s security and put you at risk of losing the latest version or overlooking stakeholder comments. Our Collaborative Editor provides native end-to-end contract negotiation workflows on a secure platform so that you have a 360° view of everything going on inside your contracts. Get my demo


Side-by-side contract collaboration

Invite any number of team members to frictionlessly redline contracts in real time.

Two-way compatibility with MS Word

Watch as the formatting of simple tables to multi-level 100-page lists is kept regardless of how many times you upload and download.

Easy import/export of contracts with all redlines

Sit back and relax as all your comments, redlines, and document styles are preserved down to the last dot.

Built-in clause library

Swap clauses in 1 click, review contracts faster, and improve compliance across the company.

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Everything you love about Word and Google Docs in one system

Unlock new powers with our Collaborative Editor

Work in a native editor built from scratch

Instead of integrating with third-party software and forcing you to jump between tabs, our Editor can be enabled for any AXDRAFT user so that teams can work on a shared platform alongside each other.

Replaces: Standalone redline software, MS Word, Word Online, Google Docs, email

Avoid hidden redlines

Maintain full version control and ensure an audit trail containing all document redlines, comments, and approvals. Always stay in the know regarding which changes were made and by whom, accept or reject them, and roll them back if needed.

Replaces: MS Word, version comparison, Google Docs

Save complex formatting

Do you have complex tables, images, multi-level lists, or styles in your documents? Our Collaborative Editor will preserve them no matter how many times you send them to and from AXDRAFT.

Replaces: MS Word, Word Online, Google Docs

Assign clauses to the right stakeholders

Get team members to only review the contract sections that apply to them within minutes and directly on the platform. Save them from having to go through the entire agreement or accidentally rewriting the wrong clause.

Replaces: MS Word, Word Online, Google Docs

Manage who can access your contracts

Loop in only the team members responsible and grant them the required edit and approval permissions with role-based access management. Prevent unauthorized access and unwanted changes to your contracts.

Replaces: MS Word, Word Online, Google Docs

Enjoy a smooth change management curve

Using AXDRAFT doesn’t mean your counterparties are locked in. If they prefer to keep their operations in Word, you can easily export your redlined agreement or import their version with full support of formatting, redlines, and automated version comparison.

Replaces: Version comparison, Google Docs

Deliver results. Drive revenue. Ditch bottlenecks.
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Other workflows you get with AXDRAFT

Document drafting

Draft perfect documents by filling in questionnaires and entering data. Turn what used to take hours into less than 5 minutes.

Self-service contracts

Delegate the drafting of simple agreements (such as NDAs, DPAs, and Sales Agreements) to your counterparties through public-facing contract templates.

End-to-end CLM

Get complete visibility into the contract lifecycle and unite all operations under one roof with AXDRAFT CLM for fast-growing teams.

Contract approval

Set up conditional approval workflows to automatically invite the right team members to sign off on your agreement in a way that mimics your internal operations.

Execution and tracking

Easily sign your contracts without ever leaving the platform. Never miss an important milestone or contract renewal date with reminders and obligations tracking.

Storage and reporting

Keep your contracts in a secure, cloud-based, centralized repository to stay organized. Find the necessary document in seconds with advanced search and tagging.

We might be biased, so see what the numbers say

Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

Glovo is an on-demand courier service that purchases, picks up, and delivers products ordered through its mobile app.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

Sigma Software is a development company providing top-quality software development, graphic design, testing, and support services.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

Plarium is a developer of mobile, browser, and social media games.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

Creative Mobile is an independent game developer and publisher based in Northern Europe. The company is best known for the Drag Racing series, which defined a new genre of mobile games and became one of the most downloaded franchises of all time with more than 350 million lifetime installs.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

Inventorsoft is an IT company that builds efficient teams by connecting Ukrainian IT talents with progressive Nordic companies. The company specializes in IT outsourcing, custom development, and offshore software development.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually
Bitwarden is an open-source password management solution for individuals, teams, and businesses. Bitwarden allows users to store, share, and sync their passwords across devices and platforms in a completely secure manner.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually
Hopin is an IT company that makes it easy to plan, produce, and relive events. From virtual to hybrid or live experiences, Hopin provides an all-in-one platform for any event, no matter the size or scope, from simple meetups to large-scale conferences and exhibitions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

faq 4

What is contract collaboration?

Contract collaboration typically implies negotiation and redlining workflows that involve stakeholders and counterparties reviewing the agreement, making changes and/or comments, and updating contract language to protect the interests of both parties.

Does AXDRAFT’s Collaborative Editor support word processing editors other than Word?

Sure! 🙂 Any word processing editor that works with .doc or .docx files is compatible with AXDRAFT’s Collaborative Editor.

Can I use AXDRAFT for redlining only?

Absolutely! Our system is modular, so you can select only the workflows you actually need while not having to paying for unnecessary ones.

What does collaboration mean in legal terms?

In legal terms, it usually refers to collaboration agreements signed between two or more parties that plan to work together on a commercial project.

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