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AXDRAFT for Healthcare Contract Management

Spend more time providing the best possible care for your patients by letting us automate your paperwork.
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Documents you can automate with AXDRAFT CLM

Physician Employment
Insurance & Bonds
Property, Equipment, & Vehicle Leases
Procurement Contracts
Information Technology Agreements
Managed Care Plans
Affiliation Agreements
Research & Grant reports
Service Agreements
Employee Agreements & more
Your contract’s journey inside AXDRAFT
Step 01

A Procurement document containing key information for getting the right goods or services is requested. The request will take less than a minute with ready-to-use templates.

Step 02

Requisitions are reviewed to check if there’s a need for the goods or services requested, and also to verify whether the necessary funds are available.

Step 03

The procurement team develops an appropriate solicitation process. Thanks to the function of assigning specific team members to check certain clauses, your legal ops will do that in a few minutes.

Step 04

Once approved, purchase requests become purchase orders. Any rejected requests are sent back to the initiator with the reason for rejection.

Step 05

This process occurs without conflict or delay as multiple users can redline the document side-by-side in real time. Combined with transparent approval flows, this greatly accelerates the process.

Step 06

Once everyone is in agreement, all signatories will receive an email or in-app notification to sign the contract. AXDRAFT allows you to connect to the e-signature solution of your choice and sign documents without leaving the platform.

Step 07

Contracts are easily trackable, which makes it easier to monitor obligations and key dates. It ensures that external and internal requirements are satisfied.

Step 08

Our centralized storage makes it easy to retrieve data for new contracts. Scheduled notifications will remind you about upcoming dates for renewal or termination.

Step 09

All documents from purchase requests to approved invoices are stored in a centralized storage. As a result, all information for bookkeeping and auditing is close at hand and easy to find, retrieve, and analyze.

Get it done with AXDRAFT

Speed up contract processes

Eliminate paperwork and accelerate contract processes with contract automation. Contract authoring, reviews, sign-offs, compliance checks, and milestone tracking are much faster with our AI-based platform.

Increase employee efficiency

Help your staff focus on patient care by automating routine. AXDRAFT accelerates contract drafting velocity and allows amendments to existing agreements to ensure contracts satisfy facility and patient needs.

Maintain supply chains

Contract management software minimizes the risk of overspending and supply shortages. Analyze how many materials you need, when and why there are too many or too few materials ordered, and forget about perishable items going bad all the time.

Stay on top of new regulations

In healthcare, compliance with HIPAA, BAA, & CMS requirements is essential. AXDRAFT CLM ensures that teams use only the latest error-free templates that no longer need legal review.

Keep data close at hand

AXDRAFT provides centralized storage with convenient searching from any point. That means all procurement contracts, medical histories, and other important documents are easy to find and retrieve if needed. And don’t worry about legacy data. We’ll migrate it for you for free.

Enjoy a soft learning curve

People’s lives may literally depend on doctors and hospital staff. A CLM should be simple, which is why we created a user-friendly interface to help you master AXDRAFT in a few hours. After that, you’ll greatly minimize time spent on administrative work.

Make your patients happier

When less time is spent on paperwork, the less your patients have to wait because of red tape. Lines are shorter, processes are faster, and you have more time to focus on patient care. Your patients will be delighted!



With AXDRAFT, the average time to prepare healthcare documents is only 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Data security

All templates have a unique identifier and are completely protected from unwanted editing or copying. Documents can’t be forged or changed from the approved standard.

Access control

Healthcare facilities do their best to reduce security risks. Setting up user permissions ensures that data is accessed only by authorized users and remains HIPAA compliant.

Record keeping

All payment information is recorded for bookkeeping and auditing. All documents from purchase requests to approved invoices are stored in a centralized location.


Many contracts renew automatically, locking healthcare organizations into unfavorable terms and causing them to miss opportunities to renegotiate, terminate, or go to RFP. Scheduled notifications dramatically reduce the risk of missing key dates.

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faq 4

How does contract management work in healthcare?

Contract management is the process of managing contracts through their lifecycle. An efficient CLM system allows healthcare organizations to provide the best possible care to patients while reducing operating costs, assuring adherence to compliance requirements, and mitigating risk.

What are the 9 types of contracts in healthcare?

There are 9 basic healthcare contracts:
– Employment Contracts
– Recruitment Contracts
– Managed Services Contracts
– Medical Director Contracts
– Care Transfer Agreements
– Technology Licenses (contracts related to the use of medical technology)
– Compensation and Benefits Contracts
– Joint Ventures
– Equipment Contracts

What are medical contracts?

A medical contract is a type of healthcare contract that is formed between two parties. In healthcare settings, these are usually between a healthcare representative and a supplier. Contracts are also formed between healthcare providers, patients, employees, vendors, and other stakeholders. These contracts cover a number of aspects from benefits and restrictive covenants to terms of termination.

What is a health service contract?

This is a contract that stipulates which healthcare services a healthcare provider agrees to give the covered person(s).

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Your job matters. Let automation take care of paperwork so that you can take care of people.

Let automation take care of the paperwork so that you can take care of people