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Contract management software for HR departments

Generate and manage HR documents easily and flawlessly. Boost your hiring, administration, and off-boarding processes with AXDRAFT.
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Documents you can automate

Offer Letters
Appointment Letters
Employee handbooks
Non-compete Agreements
Pay Stubs
Performance Appraisal Sheets
Employee Appraisal Certificates
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Documents
Paid Time Offs
Relieving letters
Your contract’s journey inside AXDRAFT
Step 01

Once you’ve chosen your candidate, you can organize all the necessary hiring documents you’ll need from them within one storage All of their records throughout their employment can be stored there.

Step 02

New-hired employees are able to fill in data directly on the platform without having to register their own accounts. It streamlines the process and cuts the time to onboard them.

Step 03

AXDRAFT allows you to connect to any e-signature solutions of your choice and sign documents without leaving the platform. Newcomers can sign-off from their computer, tablet, or smartphone once they get news of getting the job.

Step 04

Educating new hires on their job functions, performance expectations and organizational norms is an important part of the onboarding process. CLM ensures that your employees’ handbook is updated and complies with company policy.

Step 05

Some deadlines and milestones require specific actions from HR managers. Scheduled alerts will relieve HR professionals of repercussions of missed key dates.

Step 06

When data is close at your fingertips, it is easy to evaluate a new employee’s performance and efficacy of the onboarding program itself. 

Get it done with AXDRAFT

Speed up the new employee onboarding

Eliminate paperwork and accelerate onboarding processes with pre-approved agreement templates. HR team members can use Q&A to generate compliant contracts from templates. Fill in the questionnaire and a new document is ready!

Route tasks to the right people

Everyone involved in the hiring process can receive automated alerts to ensure everyone is kept informed and necessary preparations are made.

Keep confidential information safe

Manage and send confidential documents like employee files, job offers, company handbooks, policy agreements, and expense reports with confidence. Permission-based roles ensure only those who need access can see the documents.

Manage HR files easily

Data is stored in the centralized storage making it easy to manage and retrieve information for sick leaves, paid time-offs and other documents. Thus you’ll quickly get an error-free contract.

Accelerate the paperwork

HR teams automating contracts can reduce time spent on each stage of contract lifecycle up to by 80%.

Spend more time with employees, not papers

Beside new hirings, HR managers also work with staff training and development, and help to establish employee and labor relations. With less time spent on routine paperwork, you can focus on what really matters – healthy relations in the team and training staff for better results.

Make HR planning more effective

HR professionals usually create a plan on how the workforce can accomplish the company goals and how many professionals you need to hire. They collaborate with other departments for that, but analytical tools in CLM are a great help  also.  



Centralized applicant records allow to accelerate selection process. Organized and easily accessible records enable smarter and faster hiring decisions.


Streamline your drafting, negotiation and signing processes. With AXDRAFT you’ll be able to centralize and easily track all hiring workflow.


Permission-based roles ensure secure managing and sending documents. Employee files, job offers, agreements and reports are protected from unauthorized access or changes.

Record keeping

All payrolls and other documents, such as different kinds of applications and agreements are recorded for bookkeeping and auditing. Everything right from Offer Letter to resignation letters are stored in a centralized location.

Configuring solution to your needs

AXDARFT CLM is a customizable tool that can be fully custom-tailored to your needs. Choose the features you’ll essentially use.

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faq 4

What is a good contract management system?


The simplest CLM provides a single digital repository to store your legal documents. A good system uses artificial intelligence to increase efficiency and mitigate risks by automating document workflow, gathering and analyzing data, and managing obligations. It streamlines the contract lifecycle, enabling users to self-serve, sign and manage routine contracts at scale from one centralized workspace.

What is contract management in HRM?


Contract management in HR is managing the document workflow which involves the creation, provision and ongoing maintenance of human resources services, such as recruitment, training, development and remuneration.

Why is contract management software important?


A Contract Management software provides necessary insight into contract data, facilitates collaboration between parties, and saves time and cost with negligible risks.

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