Generate clauses inside AXDRAFT using the most disruptive AI feature – ChatGPT!
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Add GPT-3 AI magic to your contracts

AXDRAFT is the first contract automation software on the market to unlock GPT-3 (technology behind ChatGPT) for legal teams, ready-to-use and not in beta. Leverage the power of AI to quickly write up contract clauses and simplify legalese for business teams.
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<5 seconds
clause generation time
Simple instructions
needed to create new contract clauses
Up to 500 words
of AI-generated text in 1 clause

Ridiculously easy way to generate new contract clauses

Whether you’re a legal team of one or not a lawyer at all, our newly released GPT-3 Clause Creator feature lets you draft any type of legal clause within seconds. All you have to do is provide a few details, select the size of the clause, and our AI will provide ready-to-use text that you can paste into your contract in 1 click. Get my demo

All our ready-to-use GPT-3 AI features


Empower non-legal teams to always stay in the know what’s inside their contracts. Our Simplify feature lets you select any text, paste it to chat, and the AI will easily translate it from Legalese into simple English. Enjoy more efficient and error-free contracting ops.

Removes: Bottlenecks caused by waiting for legal to interprete clauses; The need to google legal slang

Clause Creator

Improve the efficiency of contract redlining and negotiations inside our Collaborative Editor with AI generation of contract clauses for your playbook. Provide the requirements, and GPT-3 will come up with a compliant clause written in Legalese.

Removes: The need to manually write up clauses or pull them from existing contracts, Bottlenecks in contract review and approval

Deliver results. Drive revenue. Ditch bottlenecks.
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Eliminate drafting contract clauses from scratch

Clause Creator saves the legal team time and improves productivity with a better starting point by generating contract clauses that are nearly ready to use. 

Build a robust contract clause library

Clause Creator accelerates contract reviews with AI-generated clauses that make even a legal team of one more potent and successful. If you don’t have a clause library, you can build it now instantly with GPT-3.

Let legal do more with less

Simplify and Clause Creator make contracts easier to understand and manage, which reduces the number of errors and bottleneck caused by the need for legal to step in.

Increase contract visibility

By using AI to generate and translate contract clauses, teams better navigate contract data, and are well equiped to build valuable reports and make weighted growth decisions.

Other workflows you get with AXDRAFT

Document drafting

Draft perfect documents by filling in questionnaires and entering data. Turn what used to take hours into less than 5 minutes.

Self-service contracts

Delegate the drafting of simple agreements (such as NDAs, DPAs, and Sales Agreements) to your counterparties through public-facing contract templates.

End-to-end CLM

Get complete visibility into the contract lifecycle and unite all operations under one roof with AXDRAFT CLM for fast-growing teams.

Collaboration and approval

Redline contracts in real time, and set up conditional approval workflows to automatically invite the right team members to sign off on your agreement.

Execution and tracking

Easily sign your contracts without ever leaving the platform. Never miss an important milestone or contract renewal date with reminders and obligations tracking.

Storage and reporting

Keep your contracts in a secure, cloud-based, centralized repository to stay organized. Find the necessary document in seconds with advanced search and tagging.

GPT-3 in Legal: Teach AI to Become Your Digital Wingman

Get our helpful tips and tricks to use GPT-3 in legal safely and efficiently. Learn how to train the AI to understand your prompts and generate high-quality content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

faq 4

What is ChatGPT AI?

It’s a chatbot created by OpenAI using GPT-3 model. It uses supervised and reinforcement learning techniques to provide the most relevant suggestions based on the user’s input.

What is GPT-3?

GPT-3 is a machine learning language prediction model released by OpenAI. It takes your input text, analyzes it, and provides its prediction of the best matching result. To do this, this AI model analyzes publicly available texts on the Internet for patterns.

Does using ChatGPT mean my contracts are publicly visible?

Not at all. ChatGPT AI does not have access to any other modules inside AXDRAFT, except for the two listed above. It does not save your contract clauses, and you can easily discard the version that doesn’t work for you.

How does this feature know how to build contract clauses?

We’ve done the hard part and trained this model inside AXDRAFT to only provide results in legalese that is used in writing contracts.

Will this AI replace lawyers?

VERY unlikely, and definitely not in any foreseeable future 🙂 This technology requires a human operator, and cannot work without human input. There’s more about it in our blog GPT-3 in Legal Tech.

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