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AXDRAFT document automation for Salesforce

Accelerate and automate sluggish sales cycles by integrating AXDRAFT with your Salesforce CRM.

Speed up your contract workflow by 80% while onboarding clients in minutes


AXDRAFT document automation for Salesforce allows you to initiate contract drafting straight from your Salesforce account. All data gets automatically pulled and added to contracts, eliminating all chances of manual error in the process. Minimize legal reviews, eliminate bottlenecks, create reports, and analyze data without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is choose the recipients, the signees, and hit ‘Send’.

Unlock these superpowers with Salesforce CRM integration

Delegate work

The number of sales agreements grows every day. Enable sales teams to process perfect, 100% compliant contracts and lessen the workload on Legal. Let Legal do what it does best.

Avoid setbacks

Meet deadlines by scheduling reminders about important dates. Track existing deals, expiring contracts, and upcoming renewals. Store all contracts in one central location.

Add data automatically

Steer clear of typos and mistakes from copy-pasting. Insert client data into new contracts with a simple click of a button.

Stay informed

Stay up to date on how your contracts are performing. Analyze agreements, create reports, and verify payment details or delivery dates in no time.

Simplify management

Monitor contracts, generate invoices, and send documents from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection. Work from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

e-Sign from anywhere

Forget about wasting paper, scanning documents, and hunting down signatures. Finalize and execute deals quickly with e-sign.

Spend no more than 5 minutes on contract creation while boosting sales cycles 5x faster




Sales teams can generate contracts on their own without waiting for lawyers. Compliance is ensured by pre-approved templates. Sales managers can easily generate contracts and onboard clients via Salesforce CRM in just a few clicks.


Lawyers get a lot of requests from sales teams about standard contracts. Legal then needs to spend time dealing with high-load, low-value contracts, preventing them from pursuing higher-value opportunities. With our Salesforce integration, Legal can transfer simple contracts to business units at no risk so they can focus on what really needs their attention.


Create recognizable branded proposals, cooperate with agencies, and issue invoices directly from the Salesforce CRM. They can boost your company’s visibility at every stage.


Fill in order information automatically from Salesforce. Create invoices and send them to clients to e-sign via Salesforce CRM. Enjoy error-free documents with no mistakes in payment details.

Business operations

Automating routine busywork will help business ops streamline their processes. At the same time, they’ll maintain transparency, control each stage of business activity, and get the most out of contracts.


Manage supply lines while minimizing the risk of shortages or going over budget. Ensure that you receive notifications whenever you need to take action.

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Frequently asked questions

faq 4

How can I set up a Salesforce CRM integration?

You need a Salesforce CRM account and an AXDRAFT account. From AXDRAFT, go to the Integrations section and link both accounts. Once this is done, you’ll be able to access AXDRAFT directly from your Salesforce.

Can I add client data from Salesforce CRM to AXDRAFT documents?

Sure thing! 😎
You’ll have to map out which fields you need and what data you want to pull from Salesforce to insert into AXDRAFT contracts. Whatever you choose will be set as the default, but you can change it whenever you want.

Is this feature available for all AXDRAFT users?

This is an add-on feature that we can enable on demand for any AXDRAFT user. Just let us know you want it so that we can set it up for you.

Can I track my AXDRAFT contracts via Salesforce CRM?

You have full visibility of your AXDRAFT contracts. Just click on ‘AXDRAFT‘ in the top right. From there, you can track all your contracts, stages, and requested actions.

Admin work consumes 65% of sales cycles. Free that time for what really matters.