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Join our team to make this world easier

By joining AXDRAFT team you will get a feel of a true Silicon Valley startup with many exciting challenges and amazing, friendly, committed team, driven by the goal to relieve lawyers from routine work and advance commoditization of legal services.

Great companies are built on great values.
We believe in this so firmly that we are declaring ours publicly and ask everyone to call instances when we fail to adhere to them.

Here they are:

“Be so good, they can’t ignore you”

Cal Newport

Documents created with AXDRAFT must be so perfect, that it amazes even the most indifferent person; Working with our team should be so pleasant, that even the most demanding client becomes grateful.

Everyone matters

We are a diverse team of experts and each of us contributes to the success of our company. We appreciate and act on initiatives of our team members and treat everyone equally and with utmost respect.

Don’t work with bad people

Bad people are toxic as team members and, as clients, they will never appreciate your efforts.

Never stop

There is only one way to success: hard work and continuous improvement. This applies to every member of the team and most of all – to our product.

Our mission
Relieve lawyers from routine work and advance commoditization of legal services.

What can AXDRAFT give to you?

give you plane

Team that feels like a second family

Become a part of a close-knit team of professionals, who laugh, play, work and change the world together.

Ability to fulfill your ambitions

If you dream big, AXDRAFT is where you can make that dreams come true and learn to see even bigger opportunities.

Experience company growing from 0 to 1

Joining AXDRAFT you'll be able to see how a company grows into a billion dollar business and harvest fruits of those growth.

Top notch working environment

Great office, top salary, fun and useful perks. True startup experience.