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Increase sales. Decrease effort

AXDRAFT CLM is ideal for teams who want to close deals faster and boost company revenue without being distracted by routine work.

5 min

max document creation time


shorter sales cycle


faster negotiation

<4 days

average contract processing time


increase in revenue

Documents you can automate

Non-Disclosure Agreements
SaaS contracts
Master Service Agreements
Work orders
Employment contracts
Data Processing Agreements
Service Agreements
Statements of Work
Get it done with AXDRAFT
Cut out red tape
Generate compliant MSAs, sales agreements, and other contracts with AXDRAFT by using pre-approved templates. Send contracts directly to signing parties without needing to involve legal, saving time for you, your customers, and legal teams.
“AXDRAFT allows me to answer a couple of simple questions and get the document ready.”.
Seal the deal quicker
Invite clients and team members to collaborate in real time. Review documents side-by-side for faster turnaround. Free yourself from contract hold-ups and delays with AI-driven redlining.
“Everything runs smooth and we get to the final draft two-three times faster than we used to.”
Retrieve data when you need
Data is kept in a centralized storage, making it easy to manage and retrieve. Quickly access key information for drafting new contracts and sales agreements.
“Before AXDRAFT, I had to copy and paste the same information several times to each document individually, but now I can hit all of them at once!”
Enhance customer experiences
AXDRAFT helps you eliminate costly delays, inconsistencies, and manual errors that occur when creating contracts. The task dashboard and automatic reminders will help you keep track of your obligations and your customers’ satisfaction.
‘Not one time have I generated documents for a potential deal on my cell phone WHILE I was discussing this potential deal with the client at lunch.”

Supercharge your sales and get ahead of the pack with AXDRAFT

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Questionnaire-based templates

Enable your customers to initiate the sales cycle by filling in basic sales agreement templates. Meet them partway and guide them further.

Streamlined process

Reduce the time needed for contract review and approval. Contracts will be signed faster, sales cycles will be shorter, and customers will be happier.

Simple management

Access contracts with just a few clicks, even from your smartphone. Rapidly sort through documents for key information with the help of metadata and tags.

Full version control

Stay on top of the latest changes and protect your documents from unwanted edits. Redline and audit comments in real time.


AXDRAFT CLM can be fully tailored to your requirements. Choose the features you need and add more when you want.


Integrating AXDRAFT CLM with Salesforce unlocks the easiest way to create contracts from right from your Opportunities. Pull all information from your Salesforce database right into your compliant documents, avoid delays, and give an impulse to your sales cycle.

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AXDRAFT for Pipedrive allows you to kickstart the drafting process directly from your CRM. It automatically pulls all necessary client data from Pipedrive so that it can generate a pre-approved, error-free contract right inside AXDRAFT. You just need to choose the recipients and signees, then click Send.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

OLX Group is a global online marketplace, founded in 2006 and operating in 45 countries headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

Fozzy Group is one of the largest trade industrial groups in Ukraine and one of the leading Ukrainian retailers, with over 700 outlets across the country.

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How does AXDRAFT help save money on contract management?

AXDRAFT cuts down on the amount of resources spent thanks to automation, mitigating risk, and eliminating costly delays, as well as minimizing lawyer involvement in processing simple documents.


Which aspects of sales contract management does AXDRAFT cover?

AXDRAFT CLM covers all stages of sales contracts, from initiation and approval to obligation management and renewal.

Which tools does AXDRAFT replace?

AXDRAFT CLM can replace Microsoft Word, spreadsheets, emails, template assembly, offline storage, task management, collaboration software, analytics tools, and some other instruments.

Does AXDRAFT work with invoices and other types of financial documents?

Yes, AXDRAFT works with invoices, debit and credit notes, balance sheets, income statements, and other financial documents.

Can AXDRAFT be integrated with my sales software?

Yes, it can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems. AXDRAFT is a flexible platform that can be included in different legal and business processes to facilitate your company’s growth. Our platform already features a number of essential integration options, and we are capable of building solutions on demand.

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