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AXDRAFT CLM for In-House Legal Teams

Enable your in-house legal team to process routine contracts faster, ensure compliance more effectively, and collaborate with other departments seamlessly with zero friction.

5 min

max document creation time


shorter sales cycle


faster negotiation

<4 days

average contract processing time


increase in revenue

Documents you can automate with AXDRAFT CLM

Non-Disclosure Agreements
SaaS contracts
Master Service Agreements
Security agreements
Employment contracts
Data Processing Agreements
Service Agreements
Powers of Attorney
Statements of Work
Partnership agreements
Property leases
Purchase orders
License agreements
Contractor agreements
Bills of Sale
Stock purchase agreements
Transfer agreements
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Delegate simple tasks
Enable other teams to safely bypass in-house legal and handle routine contract matters on their own without putting the company in jeopardy. Ensure in-house legal maintains full control and complete visibility of contracts without needing to get involved at every stage. Put internal clients in a position to succeed while freeing yourself for more important goals.
“The ease of use for our customers is huge for us, but the easing of administrative burden on my team has been the biggest win.”
Set up a single source of truth for all contracts
Maintain compliance without the headache while standardizing templates for easy automation. Minimize potential risk by using only templates pre-approved by Legal. Save contract details and client data for use in future documents.
“It is very convenient to transfer information between different documents, which is extremely important in a job like mine when I need to register 4-5 forms all at the same time.”
Conveniently redline documents
Make changes to documents side-by-side in real time with team members or counterparties. Leave comments that automatically notify the people you need that their attention is required. Review contracts for faster turnaround.
“AXDRAFT really cuts down the time it takes to draft and process documents. As a result, the amount of time and money we spend has been cut by more than half.”
Automate drafting and approvals
Allow AXDRAFT CLM to handle the routine busywork and simple communications so that you can get back to doing what you trained for – lawyering. Use the time and money saved to pursue projects that can bring even greater value. Become the strategic partner your company needs.
“All the data we need is in the system, and any user can prepare a document with all the up-to-date details in just a few clicks.”

Purge mind-numbing busywork from your schedule and start focusing on high-value strategic work

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Self-service documents

Delegate simple contracts to non-legal teams and counterparties with the help of self-service contracts. Enable teams to draft contracts without having to approach you every single time.

Automated drafting

Speed up error-free document generation, contract review, and approvals. Cut down on routine contract work so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Document storage

Rely on your storage as a single source of truth. Access contracts from any device in moments. Locate key information in no time.

Easy redlining

Make changes and check comments side-by-side in real time. Safeguard your documents from unwelcome edits. Tag parties to let them know their attention is needed.


Tailor AXDRAFT CLM to suit your needs. Select the features you want and add more when you need.

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Collaborative Editor

AXDRAFT’s Collaborative Editor helps you keep control and prevent negotiations from spiraling into an uncontrollable mess. Transform collaborative work from being a constant headache to being a constant joy. Even better, it’s 100% forwards-and-backwards compatible with Microsoft Word (no formatting nightmares).

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AVELLUM is a leading Ukrainian full service law firm with a key focus on Finance, Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Tax, Real Estate, and Antitrust.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually
Eisenhower Carlson PLLC is a law firm in Tacoma, WA specializing in multiple legal areas, and handling major transactions and complex litigation.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
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Shulman Rogers is a full-service law firm with headquarters located in Potomac, Maryland, and branch offices in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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How does AXDRAFT help save money on contract management?

Thanks to automation, AXDRAFT cuts down on the time, money, and manpower required for contract management. Automation also helps mitigate risk, eliminate delays, and minimize in-house legal’s involvement in processing routine contracts.


Which aspects of contract management does AXDRAFT cover?

AXDRAFT CLM covers all stages of the contract lifecycle: request, authoring, negotiations, approval, execution, obligations management, and termination/renewal.

Which tools does AXDRAFT replace?

AXDRAFT can replace Microsoft Office (Word & Excel), Google Drive, spreadsheets, emails, template builders, storage, project management, analytics tools, and more.

Does AXDRAFT work with invoices and other types of financial documents?

Yes. AXDRAFT can process invoices, debit and credit notes, balance sheets, income statements, and other standard financial documents.

What integrations does AXDRAFT have? 

AXDRAFT features several integrations: Salesforce, Pipedrive, Slack, e-Signature providers (DocuSign, AdobeSign, etc.), Okta, and Cloud Management. If we’re missing an integration that you need, just let us know and we’ll get working on it.

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