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Spend no time drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements. Let your clients do the job for you.

AXDRAFT QuickDocs lets you set up a fully self-service NDA document automation workflow that is 100% compliant. Reduce legal costs, create contracts with zero input from your lawyer, and dedicate your time to work that makes an impact.

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Let the software take care of routine work.
Draft, sign, and rollout simple contracts in 0 minutes with QuickDocs.

What is

AXDRAFT QuickDocs is a self-service contract automation software. It helps you process, sign, and deliver non disclosure agreements, as well as other simple contracts directly to your clients. Drafting, filling out, and signing an NDA will take you 0 minutes and 0 effort from your lawyer.

All your clients need to do is fill out a form with necessary information. Wham! They get a signed NDA in seconds.

No bottlenecks. No delays. Just like that.

QuickDocs is the right fit for


750 USD/Mo

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited documents
  • Cancel any time
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Live in 3 days

Out-of-the-box features
Whitelabelling options for your documents. We created an interface that is intuitive and simple for you to understand and stay in line with your company’s design guidelines, even for contracts you don’t touch.
Navigate your documents with ease and analyze the performance of your contracts. Document storage, full-text search, metadata triggers, and analytic tools let you be in control of your NDAs and make informed business decisions.
It’s your client’s choice that matters. Every answer to the questionnaire impacts the final look of the non disclosure agreement. Extensive clause database and conditional logic allow for flexible drafting of any variables for your NDA contracts.
Embed NDA fill out forms directly on your website for seamless onboarding experience. Public-facing templates will give your clients control over the drafting process. It’s your turn to relax.
Put 10% of your
lawyer’s wage and 10+
hours each month to
better use.

An in-house lawyer’s average hourly rate is $90.

Spending 2 hours on an NDA contract costs you $180 per document. 20 routine contracts a month cost you $3,600. Annual numbers are too frightening for us. QuickDocs is here to help you manage the costs, and reinvest the resources of your legal department to better use.

Allocate your time and expenses wisely.

Why QuickDocs?
Take control of your legal spend

Automate standard NDA templates instead of onboarding new employees. With QuickDocs you can manage legal expenses by using your in-house resources efficiently.

Manage your workload

Being a lawyer is more than routine contract drafting. QuickDocs saves a minimum of 10 hours of lawyers’ time each month. Let your team do the job that actually matches their degree, and make an impact on your business growth.

Maximize on the customer experience

Let your customers onboard themselves. QuickDocs removes bottlenecks caused by humans and streamlines NDA drafting processes. No more need for your clients to fill out, sign, scan, and send back contracts. Just drop them the link. Provide seamless customer experience.

Prioritize better

Is your backlog overcrowded? Removing basic non disclosure agreement drafting from your to-do list lets you take care of more meaningful work. How many times do you need to postpone your tasks for them to become urgent? Let’s not find out.

How it works?

01Just give us your non disclosure agreement templates. We’ll do the automation for you, and implement QuickDocs as a free bonus.
02Set up a link with the template on your website or reach out to your clients directly with that link in any channel you want.
03Your client submits the template after filling it out with the necessary information. Make them feel in control without hassle from your side
04They get a perfectly structured, legally approved and signed NDA contract. You get filled out data collected into your system.

Who is using QuickDocs
We’ve talked the talk–let’s walk the walk. See how our clients are using QuickDocs for document automation. These are the live document forms that you can find and fill out on our clients’ websites.
How QuickDocs stands against
the competition
We are up for a good game against really great document automation and data collection software. Check out how QuickDocs’s feature set stacks against our competitors’.
DocuSign PowerForms
PandaDoc Forms
Automation of simple fill-in forms
Built-in E-sign
Custom branding
‘Sign and pay’ action flow
Dynamic document drafting (with flexible condition-based clauses)
Multiple document delivery action flow
Full-text search across stored documents
Unlimited documents
Unlimited users

Want to see how QuickDocs will fit into your existing legal operations workflows?

Let’s talk!

Frequently asked questions
Do I only get NDA agreements with QuickDocs?
As of right now, we’ve already pre-built a solution for such simple contracts as Non-Disclosure Agreements, Data Processing Addendums, and SOC-2 report requests. But you can always let us know if you need any other document type worked out. Provided that we have enough patterns to analyze and automate, we can make it happen.
What if I don’t like it?
If our document automation solution does not fit your business for some reason, we will refund the full amount according to our 30-days money back guarantee policy.
What makes QuickDocs unique?
QuickDocs is the only self-service document automation solution currently available on the market. With it you get (1) corporate branding for documents, (2) data storage and analytics options, (3) adaptive template clauses that alter with the user’s answers. Any other automation solutions just process a single contract template without deviations. They do not give you any visibility beyond the point of drafting.
How do you calculate the price?
We will only charge you for templates that you want to automate and use with QuickDocs. This means that you can generate countless amounts of documents within the same template.
How much will the implementation cost?
Nothing 😊️️️
The implementation is a cool bonus that you get for onboarding with QuickDocs. Our automated engine allows us to roll out your NDA, DPA, and SOC-2 report contracts in just 3 days. We’re good with helping you onboard for free.
Do my clients need to be QuickDocs users to draft documents?
Nope 😉
Either make your contract templates public so they can be accessed by anyone. Or send an access link to your clients, vendors, suppliers. The decision is yours.

Time per document with axdraft

30 min

Time per document before axdraft


The ease of use for our customers is huge for us, but the easing of administrative burden on my team has been the biggest win. We’re no longer monitoring an inbox and updating spreadsheets. Rather, we’re capturing all necessary data at the point of submission.
Head of Legal Operations

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