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AXDRAFT document automation for Pipedrive

Automate and accelerate time-consuming sales processes by integrating AXDRAFT with your Pipedrive CRM.

Onboard clients in minutes while speeding up your contract workflow by 80%


AXDRAFT document automation for Pipedrive allows you to draft, process, collaborate on, sign, and send NDAs, sales agreements, work orders, and invoices directly from Pipedrive. It automatically pulls data from your client profiles to generate pre-approved contracts with error-free inputs. The only thing you need to do is choose the recipients, the signees, and hit ‘Send’.

Unlock these superpowers with our Pipedrive CRM integration

Delegate tasks smarter

Don’t distract your lawyer with sales processes. Empower your sales team to deliver 100% compliant contracts, despite their having no legal background. Maintain focus on what you do best.

Oversee the full process

Keep track of deals, expiring contracts, and invoicing dates with reminders and notifications. Don’t miss a thing.

Get rid of copy-pasting

Automatically insert all client data from your Pipedrive CRM to your contracts or invoices. Create mistake-free documents.

Make better business decisions

Add analytical value to your sales by tracking the performance of contracts with built-in metadata. Get full visibility.

Work from anywhere

Generate contracts, manage documents, and send invoices from wherever you are in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and your PC, tablet, or phone to be accessible from anywhere.

e-Sign your contracts

Save time and paper without printing, signing, and scanning documents every time. Stick to what’s effective.

Contracts take up 19% of the sales cycle Become 100% better at doing them




Drafting contracts without legal assistance isn’t the best strategy. It can compromise the success of your sales deals. Create compliant, mistake-free contracts in minutes and forget about long client onboarding.


Legal has to deal with irregular work from sales teams. They process routine contracts instead of focusing on more impactful legal work. Create room in legal’s backlog by giving business teams control over their contracts.

Business operations

Organize and set up efficient processes at every stage of business operations. Automate routine processes to keep your teams efficient and your contract management processes effective.


Create branded contracts and designed proposals, employ influencers, and generate invoices directly from your Pipedrive CRM software. Boost your company’s visibility at every stage.


Enjoy faster and more transparent sourcing and purchasing processes. Find the best proposition without leaving your CRM tool. Stay notified at every stage and take necessary action in a timely manner.


Generate mistake-free invoices, collect e-signatures, and send documents to your clients in Pipedrive. Insert all information from your orders and client profiles directly from your CRM software into any document.

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Frequently asked questions

faq 4

How can I set up a Pipedrive CRM integration?

You need a Pipedrive CRM account and an AXDRAFT account. From AXDRAFT, go to the Integrations section and link both accounts. Once this is done, you’ll be able to access AXDRAFT directly from your Pipedrive.

Can I add client data from Pipedrive CRM to AXDRAFT documents?

Absolutely! 😎
You’ll have to map out which fields you need and what data you want to pull from Pipedrive to insert into AXDRAFT contracts. Whatever you choose will be set as the default, but you can change it whenever you want.

Is this feature available for all AXDRAFT users?

This is an add-on feature that we can enable on demand for any AXDRAFT user. Just let us know you want it so that we can set it up for you.

Can I track my AXDRAFT contracts via Pipedrive CRM?

You have full visibility of your AXDRAFT contracts. Just click on ‘AXDRAFT‘ in the top right. From there, you can track all your contracts, stages, and requested actions.

How do I link several documents to Pipedrive deals/contacts/companies?

Every document you create is linked to the deal, contract, or company of your choice. You can easily filter all contracts in AXDRAFT using any data pulled from your CRM.

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