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AXDRAFT for IT contract management

We automate your routine contract work and help you build a self-functioning document ecosystem. You focus on being a unicorn.
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Automated onboarding with soft learning curve
Powerful AI engine
Mobile-friendly CLM platform

Documents you can automate

SaaS contracts
Master Service Agreements
Employment contracts
Service Agreements
Statements of Work
Your contract’s journey inside AXDRAFT
Step 01

Your Company’s Account Manager starts drafting a Service Agreement inside your CRM.

Step 02

The structure of the contract is determined by answering simple questions, and all client information is pulled automatically from the CRM.

Step 03

A Service Agreement is shared with your client in AXDRAFT. They won’t need to register to access the document.

Step 04

All fixes and comments to the document are created by the client in AXDRAFT’s collaboration mode.

Step 05

The contract is automatically sent for approval to legal and finance reps.

Step 06

Everyone reviews the document in AXDRAFT.

Step 07

Once all teams are happy with the look of the document, they approve it in one click.

Step 08

The Service Agreement is sent for signature by both parties.

Step 09

Your every team member can check the contract terms with ease—it will be securely stored in AXDRAFT’s cloud.

Step 10

AXDRAFT will send you automatic reminders when a delivery date is close, or when a contract is about to renew or expire.

Get it done with AXDRAFT

Generate self-serve documents

Stay transparent and GDPR-compliant with zero involvement from your side. All of your product policy documents can be bundled and delivered to the end users automatically, so you can easily process large volumes of data with no countercheck.

Empower your sales team

Allow your sales team to leap forward and close more deals without consulting the legal team on every step. AXDRAFT helps build streamlined sales documents that would be in-line with company policies, and proofread against errors. AXDRAFT smart analytics dashboard will display your sales team progress.

Give momentum to the hiring process

AXDRAFT allows your HR team to go through hiring and onboarding faster by using auto-filled document templates and sending the document for e-signing to the new employee. With the mobile version supported, your new hires can sign the documents on the go.

Marketing contracts automation

Add dynamic clauses to your templates in AXDRAFT CLM. Build a playbook with different campaign types, their length and budget, success criterias, delivery terms, and noncompete clauses—everything that lets you draft influencer, promotional, and other marketing contracts by answering simple questions.

Frictionless customer onboarding

Remove legal bottlenecks and deliver SOC-2 reports, product specifications, and other sensitive information automatically with QuickDocs. Your client drafts and signs an NDA in a public-facing template, and will receive the required documents via email, while you get a hot lead without having to wait for legal approval.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

AVELLUM is a leading Ukrainian full service law firm with a key focus on Finance, Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Tax, Real Estate, and Antitrust.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

Top-tier law firm in Energy, M&A, and Banking practice areas, according to Legal 500 2020.

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Eisenhower Carlson PLLC is a law firm in Tacoma, WA specializing in multiple legal areas, and handling major transactions and complex litigation.

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Shulman Rogers is a full-service law firm with headquarters located in Potomac, Maryland, and branch offices in Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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Law firm established in Riga, Latvia with a corporate philosophy centered around the sincere desire to help clients to the best of their ability.

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Value gained annually

Denmon Pearlman is Tampa Bay’s critically acclaimed Personal Injury and Insurance Claim law firm.

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faq 4

How much time do IT companies save with AXDRAFT?

IT companies manage contracts 87.4% faster with AXDRAFT. Check your own savings on IT contacts management with our pricing calculator.

How AXDRAFT helps IT companies save money on contract management?

With AXDRAFT, IT companies can deliver compliant contracts with minimum involvement of lawyers. That lets them save up to $606K annually while keeping focus on what they do best.

Which aspects of IT contract management does AXDRAFT cover?

AXDRAFT helps software companies onboard clients with automated NDAs and SOC-2 report requests, speed up negotiations by drafting complex MSAs in 10 minutes, sign new employees, manage outsourced tasks, and create detailed SoWs without missing any vital clauses.

Which tools does AXDRAFT replace?

AXDRAFT uses a combination of tools to help IT companies manage each stage of their contract workflow without having to switch between tabs: word processing, constructing templates, tools for collaboration, email, to-do lists, cloud storage, eSignature, and analytics.

Can I integrate AXDRAFT with my existing software?

Of course! AXDRAFT supports multiple integrations with CRM, eSign, cloud storage, and collaboration tools.

What if a feature I need isn’t there?

Talk to our support team and describe the workflows you’d like to have. We constantly improve and expand our features, and will happily discuss new opportunities with you.

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