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Simple, smart, and scalable contract management that doesn’t break the bank

Level up your contract management with AXDRAFT’s new storage and analytics module powered by ContractWorks. Take advantage of a secure repository with robust tracking, granular reporting, and milestone alerts. Unite all end-to-end contract processes under one roof.
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80% faster
contract workflow
360º visibility
into contracts
2 weeks
roll-out time

How AXDRAFT and ContractWorks function as one system

By integrating AXDRAFT with ContractWorks, we’ve created a fast and easy-to-use system for teams to stay in full control of contracting:

  • 1. Straightforward workflows navigate you through all stages of the contract lifecycle.
  • 2. Moving between systems takes a single click.

    3. Unified contract data is instantly passed between two SOC 2 Type II certified platforms.
    4. All data is reportable and reusable across new agreements.

Workflows you get out of the box


Empower legal and business teams to draft error-free compliant contracts 8x faster using pre-approved automated templates.

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Collaborate with built-in redlining and editing capabilities. Stay on top of changes with version history and leverage two-way compatibility with MS Word.

Review and approval

Sign off on contracts easily with automated conditional approval flows, complete audit trails, and instant status change notifications.


e-Sign contracts from anywhere without API integrations or having to worry about the number of envelopes left. Secure authorized signatures with role-based permissions.


Keep your contracts in a secure, cloud-based, centralized repository to stay organized. Find the necessary document in seconds with advanced search and tagging.

Obligations tracking

Never miss a deadline or renewal date with a notifications calendar and milestone alerts. Enjoy full transparency and avoid revenue leakage.


Pull the necessary data from existing contracts and add to amendments with 1-click auto-filling. Ensure nothing slips through the cracks.


Establish a single source of truth for contracts with dashboards and reports that provide insight into what’s in your contracts, where they’re at in the lifecycle, and how well they’re performing.

Deliver results, drive revenue, ditch bottlenecks
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Why fast-scaling teams choose us

Rapid time-to-value

We roll out our system in 7 days with everything set up for you. None of your work will stall as we do maintenance.

Meeting you where you work

Accessible on any device, our system lets you manage contracts at your pace while fully mimicking your workflows.

Flexible pricing

AXDRAFT and ContractWorks are built to fit any budget. You only pay for the features that add value to your operations.

Quick contract turnaround

When your contracts are stuck in limbo, your company loses revenue. Our system is geared towards helping you sign off on contracts in short order.

Complete visibility

You’ll always know what’s inside your contracts, regardless of who created them. Our smart system helps you never miss important deliverables.

It’s not rocket science

Zero time is needed to master our system. No ambiguity. No steep learning curve. Just straightforward workflows that make sense to every user.

Who’s it for and how much does it cost?

Our software meets the needs of any team dealing with contracts in any industry:

  • ✅ In-house legal
  • ✅ Sales
  • ✅ Procurement
  • ✅ Law firms
  • ✅ HR
  • ✅ Finance
  • ✅ … any other industry (we’re flexible 😉)


.00 USD/Mo
Unlimited documents stored + 1200 processed/yr
Unlimited documents processed and stored + 5 users/yr
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30-day money back guarantee
Live in 7 days
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What if I already use one of these systems?

That’s even better 🙂 You can always scale to AXDRAFT and ContractWorks as a joint system at little added cost. Just reach out to your account manager and we’ll help you upgrade.

How can I get started?

Give us a shout and we’ll pick it up from there 🙂 You can also check out our onboarding guide for a detailed description of the set-up process.

Are these two separate systems?

They used to be, but since entering the Onit family of companies, they became integrated to the point they can operate as a single platform 🙂 Data gets sent through both systems, while workflows and navigation are looped to cover your contract lifecycle.

Can I migrate my existing contracts?

Absolutely! Our team will help you migrate from a legacy contract management system or from manual operations. As most of the operational work is handled on our end, there will be minimal bottlenecks and disruptions of existing workflows. You can check out our migration guide for more info.

What if I don’t need all of the workflows?

We’ve got your back! Our system is modular, so you can select the workflows you actually need while avoiding paying for unnecessary ones. 

Scale up to a contract management system without the huge price tag

Shift your contract management into high gear