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NDA Automation

A Master Service Agreement is a contract that establishes the terms and conditions that govern cooperation between parties. It can be very complicated, but automation makes MSA-related processes fast and simple, regardless of complexity.

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What is NDA automation

MSA automation uses AI-based technology to draft, approve, execute, review, and track MSAs.

The old way

  1. An NDA request is made.
  2.  A lawyer starts searching for the template. This may take some time if files are scattered across desktops, cabinets, and drawers.
  3. The template is sent to the requester.
  4. The requester fills in the template and sends to Legal for review. If the NDA turns out to be an older version, the process restarts.
  5. Legal sends the reviewed NDA back to the requester.
  6. The NDA is emailed to the client to sign.
  7. The signed NDA returns to Legal who saves it in a shared drive or places (and forgets) it in a drawer, never to see the light of day again.


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The automated way

A person prepares the document by answering simple questions. The answers are then inserted into a pre-approved, compliant template. Once all data is filled in, the document is sent to the counterparty to e-sign. And voila!

Why automate NDAs?

1.5 min drafting time
80% faster contract turnaround
100% fewer errors

Thanks to automation, creating a fully compliant NDA takes less than 60 seconds instead of 30 minutes. All critical stages of an NDA’s lifecycle are automated, eliminating unnecessary reviews and slow approvals while saving 99% of time.

Lawyers free up time

An NDA is a simple document, but it demands a lot of time and attention from lawyers, preventing them from focusing on high-impact work. Automation frees up Legal from constantly having to take part in creating simple documents.

Error-free documents

There’s a 1-10-100 data entry rule that states checking accuracy at the point of entry costs $1, fixing mistakes costs $10, and uncorrected errors cost the company $100 or more. Simple documents are often prepared quickly, frequently at the expense of checking. With automated workflows, you can get mistake-free templates in minutes without the risk of manual error.

Other departments handle NDA prep

When legal review occurs, it can take a whole day, if not more. On the one hand, it reduces the risk of error, but on the other hand, it can lead to delays and a poor customer experience. By automating preparation, other departments can take responsibility for simple paperwork, increasing speed and client satisfaction.

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How you can tell when your NDA workflow needs improvement

Lawyers spending too much time preparing NDAs. Legal should focus on the company’s legal affairs, not on paperwork that can be done without their involvement.

Too many versions. Exchanging documents manually can create too many versions of the same document. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself flooded. This runs the risk of providing the wrong terms and conditions to clients.

Legal review taking over 1 day. Manual approaches to getting NDAs completed and signed require significant time and effort. This can cause delays, poor client experiences, and potential revenue losses.

Manual errors. Entering data manually is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. Typos suck, but if a manager misses one in an important clause, the situation can get much worse.

Difficulties in finding the right template. When templates are scattered everywhere, it’s almost impossible to find them. Not to mention, you can never be sure it’s the most recent version.

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How to automate NDAs

A block mentioning that here at AXDRAFT we do all the automation for you and you can skip the prep, but this will help whatever software you decide to go with

Unify the contract language

This will guarantee that clauses are standardized. If you’re working with multiple companies or industries, you can adjust identical clauses all at once.

Define document variables

Documents are rarely the exact same. Signing parties, companies, and applicable laws or regulations frequently change. Clients may make specific requests or represent several companies. The NDA could be unilateral or bilateral. But it’s primarily the counterparty’s data that changes.

Define the document’s workflow

We recommend setting up the process in such a way that it requires minimal lawyer involvement. The user should be able to simply generate the NDA and send it to the counterparty. Automation allows you to delegate such responsibilities to other departments without risk.

Determine when to involve a lawyer

There are some cases when a lawyer may need to be contacted. For example, a client may have comments or questions they want answered before signing. In this situation, the NDA goes to a lawyer. After some discussion and clarification, the client proposes changes. If both parties agree, the NDA is then signed. 

Assemble a clause library

By maintaining a clause library, you can easily swap clauses in the document in just a few clicks. This helps you review documents faster while ensuring compliance.

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Prepared poorly, even simple contracts can significantly harm your company. This guide will highlight what you need to know and how to avoid common mistakes.

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Essential features to look for in NDA automation software


Self-service is an indispensable feature for standardized contracts. This allows non-legal teams to generate NDAs in less than a minute thanks to pre-approved templates. It also frees legal teams from having to get involved.

Public-facing templates

Easily accessible templates eliminate the need to create an account to review and sign contracts. This also allows your clients to easily input information for the NDA on their own.


e-Signatures enable you to sign documents from anywhere. Signing NDAs electronically greatly speeds up the process.

Centralized storage

By storing all your files in one designated location, you guarantee they’ll be easy to find and close to hand. It also helps ensure you’re always using the latest version.

User-friendly interface

Tech isn’t helping anyone if it’s not easy to use. The best option is something that both legal and non-legal departments can quickly learn. Generating a new document should take minutes.


A non-disclosure agreement, also known as an NDA, is a binding contract between two or more parties. The purpose of this contract is to prevent sensitive information from being shared. Breaking an NDA can trigger numerous legal consequences, such as lawsuits, fines, and (in some cases) criminal charges.

The purpose of a confidentiality agreement is to potent new business products and ideas. An NDA is arguably the most common form of a confidentiality agreement. Most agreements name the parties involved, the subjects that must remain confidential, the duration, and the obligations. There are often exclusions built into confidentiality agreements, such as knowledge that’s publicly available or easily learned outside the company.

An NDA in the context of manufacturing functions the same as any other NDA. However, in the case of manufacturing, NDAs are usually signed between a manufacturer and a business or individual. This prevents the manufacturer from publicly revealing any trade secrets or sensitive information.

An NDA in the context of web development functions the same as any other NDA. However, in the case of web development, companies need to take steps to safeguard their intellectual property. This is because the development process may require trade secrets or non-public knowledge to be shared with the developer in order to properly build the website. 

Questionnaire-based drafting and conditional logic

By answering simple questions, clients supply the information needed to generate documents.

Standardized language

Thanks to pre-approved templates, no adjustments are needed except in special situations.

Public-facing templates

Clients don’t need to create their own accounts on AXDRAFT. All they need is a link.

Get the most out of your contract lifecycle

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Speed up your business with automation

Automated contracts are the new reality for legal departments. Optimizing workflows will help teams close deals faster and cut down on routine.


DPAs ensure that security and data processing remain compliant with GDPR requirements, and that data providers are able to prevent any potential abuse or breach of data.


A Statement of Work is a legally binding document that defines a project’s work management aspects that provides an overview of the project management scope.


A non-disclosure agreement is a legal contract or part of a contract between at least two parties that outlines confidential material


The MSA governs relations between parties, it outlines all activities and responsibilities. Managed efficiently it makes negotiations simpler and establishes an effective system for accomplishing mutual goals.


Axdraft is very easy to use and produces documents quickly. It is entirely customizable, and customer support is extremely responsive. In our case it allows attorneys to be more productive and less reliant on the availability of a legal assistant to draft estate planning documents and probate pleadings and related documents.

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