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AXDRAFT Contract Management Software for CPG

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies use AXDRAFT to speed up sales cycles and improve retention. Handle high-volume, low-risk documents like NDAs in almost no time. Automate vendor MSAs, sales & marketing contracts, distribution agreements, and SoWs.
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1.5 minutes average drafting time
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Documents you can automate with AXDRAFT CLM

Marketing Services Agreements
Master Service Agreements
Distribution Agreements
Contract claims
Service Agreements
Statements of Work
Packaging lists
Your contract’s journey inside AXDRAFT
Step 01

Your company’s sales rep begins creating a Sales Agreement from inside the CRM.

Step 02

They draft the contract by answering simple questions. All client data is automatically pulled from the CRM and added to the document.

Step 03

The Sales Agreement is shared with a client via AXDRAFT. They don’t need an account to access it.

Step 04

The client adds comments and fixes to the document using AXDRAFT’s collaboration mode.

Step 05

The contract is automatically sent for approval to your company’s legal and finance teams.

Step 06

Both teams review the updates made to the Sales Agreement using AXDRAFT.

Step 07

Once Legal and Finance are comfortable with the contract, they give their stamp of approval.

Step 08

The Service Agreement is sent for signatures to both parties.

Step 09

Any team member can easily check the contract’s terms via AXDRAFT’s cloud storage.

Step 10

When the time comes, AXDRAFT will automatically remind you about the renewal for the Sales Agreement.

Get it done with AXDRAFT

Identify growth opportunities

Our contract lifecycle management platform empowers your teams to not only stay up to date with sales contract obligations and terms, but to also evaluate contract performance via our Analytics dashboard. This gives you the data you need to assess your activity and scale your business strategy.

Enable sales to close more deals

Entrust contract management to your commercial units without having to worry about time-consuming document generation and mistakes. Use lawyer-approved, custom-tailored templates that reflect company policies so that constant legal oversight is no longer necessary. With CRM integrations, AXDRAFT makes it so sales teams can start drafting contracts straight from their software.

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Onboard more clients

With AXDRAFT QuickDocs, you can set up fully automated onboarding workflows for your clients. Thanks to self-service contracts, they can fill in NDAs by answering a few simple questions. In return, they’ll receive a branded contract via email while you’ll be notified once the agreement is signed so you can step in to close the deal.

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Improve customer service

Contract quality and closing deals faster lead to better customer satisfaction. Our document drafting software ensures that you will quickly deliver flawless contracts and get approvals with no technical friction. Let AXDRAFT lay the foundation for great customer experiences.

Collaborate with vendors

AXDRAFT offers advanced contract collaboration tools that allow vendors to get involved during the document drafting process so that contracts enjoy faster review and negotiations. Email notifications provide updates on any redlines that require attention.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

Carlsberg works with various logistics companies that often have disorganised legal processes. By automating contract claims with AXDRAFT, the company managed to streamline the distribution across the delivery network, and make sure that their contract processes are quick and easy for both side, which benefits business growth.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually
AXDRAFT allowed integrating document templates with the internal database without any risks. This made it possible to prepare huge delivery contracts in under 5 minutes, and helped streamline client and vendor relationships.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually
AXDRAFT became a catalyzer for MHP’s legal department to create a lot of standard templates and outline strict policies for the document management process, which introduced more order into legal operations starting at the onboarding stage. AXDRAFT managed to reduce drafting time by 84%, and allowed to prevent unsolicited editing of the templates, which used to cause delays in document lifecycle and brought about risks.

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faq 4

How much time do CPG companies save with AXDRAFT?

On average, AXDRAFT CLM helps CPG companies save 91% of time spent on contract processing. Find out how fast your team can draft contracts with AXDRAFT:

How much money does AXDRAFT help save on contract management?

On average, teams save $75.3K each year on contract-related expenses.

Which aspects of CPG contract management does AXDRAFT cover?

AXDRAFT helps CPG companies onboard new clients faster, automate NDAs, draft documents 8x quicker, negotiate MSAs swifter, track deliverables, and manage other contractual obligations.

Which tools does AXDRAFT replace?

AXDRAFT is an all-in-one solution that helps business teams be more efficient. Power up your workflows with word processing, template generation, collaboration, email, task management, cloud storage, eSignature, and analytics tools.

Does AXDRAFT work with invoices and other types of financial documents?

Yes. AXDRAFT CLM allows you to automate any type of document, including financial statements, invoices, reports, and other revenue-related documents.

Can AXDRAFT integrate with my sales software?

Yes. AXDRAFT can be integrated with your CRM. Check out how our CLM platform is already integrated with Pipedrive CRM and Salesforce CRM.

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