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AXDRAFT for pharmaceutical

AXDRAFT CLM helps companies in the pharma industry to automate both contract work with health care professionals, and internal documentation related to research and clinical trials, product promotion, and procurement. AXDRAFT makes paperwork with HCPs fast, flawless and data-driven.
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Automated onboarding with soft learning curve
1,5 min average drafting time
Access from any device

Documents you can automate

Confidential Disclosure Agreement
Master Service Agreements
Clinical Trial Agreements
Employment contracts
Consulting Agreements
Consent forms
Your contract’s journey inside AXDRAFT
Step 01

Your Awesome Pharma Company’s HCP engagement or area manager starts by drafting HCP agreement in AXDRAFT CLM.

Step 02

They draft the agreement by answering a simple questionnaire. All HCP data is pulled from your system into the document.

Step 03

The agreement is shared with the HCP through AXDRAFT. A healthcare professional does not need an account to access it.

Step 04

After review, the contract is ready to be signed by both parties.

Step 05

If a specific clause needs to be added, your manager adds a comment in collaboration mode.

Step 06

The document is automatically sent to legal department for review.

Step 07

When legal is happy with the document, they give their formal approval.

Step 08

The HCP agreement is ready to be signed by both parties.

Step 09

Every team member can pull up the contract terms by visiting AXDRAFT cloud storage.

Step 10

AXDRAFT will send you an automatic reminder when the HCP agreement is about to expire, so you can take a timely action.

Get it done with AXDRAFT

Foster partnerships with HCP consultants

AXDRAFT’s contract lifecycle management power allows you to easily formalize the relationship with the HCPs. By employing our platform you can accelerate research and clinical trials, document and distribute the results, and secure proper educational documentation.

Grow your supply chains

Expand your coverage across regions by modifying contract clauses to match local legislations, prepare new procurement agreements with local vendors and promotional documents. Our analytics and storage will allow you to track supply dynamics and drill down into data to evaluate your performance.

Easily employ new talent

With AXDRAFT you can simplify the hiring process by automating the employment documentation. Prepare and deliver document batches for your new team members in a few clicks, and maintain company formatting style across each contract.

Crystallize your financial documents

Keep all your financial and budgeting documents in one place and transparent for the teams, without the risk of losing them across shared folders. With AXDRAFT, you will always be in the know of document terms and regulations, which allows you to renew the agreements, and also track and increase the value of your contracts.

Expand your product distribution network

AXDRAFT gives pharma sales teams the opportunity to sign new deals on the go. Our CLM platform is accessible from any device, which gives your sales representatives the power to draft tailored agreements based on pre-approved legal templates, no matter where they find a new client.

Safeguard your intellectual property

AXDRAFT contract management platform allows you to draft the documentation to patent the new formulas and get IP valuation. With our intuitive document storage, you can control the distribution and access to these documents, while the collaboration lets business teams cooperate on drafting them.

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2 years
Time saved annually
Value gained annually

Sandoz is a global leader in generic and biosimilar pharmaceuticals, and part of Novartis – one of the top-5 pharma corporations in the world.

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How much time do pharmaceutical companies save with AXDRAFT

Pharma companies manage contracts 83% faster with AXDRAFT CLM. You can calculate your own savings using our calculator.

How AXDRAFT helps pharma companies save money on contract management?

With AXDRAFT pharmaceutical companies save an average of $300K annually thanks to reducing the cost of each contract and maximizing on their value.

Which aspects of pharma contract management does AXDRAFT cover?

AXDRAFT CLM helps pharma companies quickly onboard HCPs by automating NDA signing, draft tailored HCP contracts, sales and procurement agreements, edit all contracts in bulk, and sign them remotely.

Which tools does AXDRAFT replace?

AXDRAFT contract management software helps pharma companies manage contract more efficiently by combining multiple tools onder one powerful engine: text processing, template construction, collaboration on contracts, email, task management, cloud storage, eSign, analytics.

How does AXDRAFT fit into the HCP cooperation process?

With AXDRAFT you can easily formalize the relationship with the HCPs. Sign NDAs, service agreements, store clinical trial reports, and keep track of contractual obligations on one platform.

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