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Giving back to the community

By creating an automated, paperless contract ecosystem AXDRAFT helps build a better future for existing and upcoming lawyers, and create sustainable workflows for businesses who care about our planet,

We look forward to landing on Mars, but first let’s make our own planet a better place to live!

Free document automation for startups

Startups don’t usually have an in-house lawyer until their headcount is 150-200 people. At the same time, the cost of outside legal counsel is out of budget for most.

By creating Avodocs, we aim to help startups remain compliant and focus on delivering awesome products without having to worry about non-compliant or outdated contract templates.

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Startup mentoring

Like many, AXDRAFT went the regular startup path, from searching for product-market fit to startup accelerators and investment rounds.

That’s a rough terrain to pass through, and our co-founder brothers experienced that on their own skin.

Today, Yuriy helps startups prepare for YC applications by sharing his experience with the best acceleration program in the world. Who knows, maybe they’re the next unicorn?

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Sustainable future

Creating a better world starts with the small things that make a big impact. Our team regularly takes part in blood donations for those in need, and our office is planet-friendly because we recycle all our waste.

Only by keeping our home clean and our vision clear can we help create a green, happy world for everyone.

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