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AXDRAFT document automation for law firms

Transform hours of manual legal work into minutes by automating your contract lifecycle with AXDRAFT. Eliminate paperwork and focus on being the best advisor to your clients.

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Sign innovative clients, outrace the competition, and improve attorney satisfaction without stretching your budget.

Documents that can be automated with AXDRAFT:

Power of attorney
Living Will
SPA (English & bilingual)
Action of Sole Incorporator
Certificate of Incorporation
Restricted Stock Purchase Agreement
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Things you can do with AXDRAFT
(that you couldn’t do before)

Build a legal knowledge base

Keep every important clause, contract, and case easily accessible, and grow your legal library without taking up all your office space.

Serve clients online

Innovative clients prefer sharing information online instead of visiting the office. Use document automation for law firms to onboard customers wherever they are, at the time that works for them.

Streamline internal processes

Routine processes create many bottlenecks in legal work. Use automated contract workflows to streamline your drafting, negotiations, and approval processes. Unlock more time and energy during your day to do things you always wanted to—spend time with family, walk an extra mile winning that new client, or take on a hobby you always wanted.

Create tailored workflows for corporate clients

Employ a separate clause playbook for businesses that you work with. Keep all their company data secure and use automated workflows to draft any document upon request in a matter of minutes, not days.
Become an innovative law firm that others struggle to compete with
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AI-Powered drafting

Create condition-based workflows, where answers to simple questions impact the final look of your document. Autofill client data thanks to integrations with your database and access to public registers in more than 42 countries.

Live collaboration

Co-draft the document with your clients and associates in the live mode, from any part of the world. Don’t waste your client’s time by making them register on the platform—just send them a link to the contract.

Approval workflows

Forget about gathering approvals via email. Use AXDRAFT contract automation to create custom approval workflows, set approval deadlines, and automate notifications. Get your document approved faster, step in only when necessary.

Reports & Dashboards

Get full visibility over your contracts, team performance, and deadlines thanks to our intuitive dashboard and custom reports. Always know how many contracts you’ve signed, how long each one took, and exploit this information to plan your firm’s growth and development.

Transfer data between contracts

Ctrl, C, and V are the most worn buttons on your keyboard? Move the information you need from one document to another automatically. Keep your templates updated with important information in just a few clicks, rest assured that every piece of data is copied to the corresponding field, mistake- and hassle-free.

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You are in charge of your law firm’s future. Innovate your workflows today to keep up with tomorrow’s clients.