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Banks use AXDRAFT CLM to book loans faster. By designing a mistake-free, automated process for front office managers to prepare the first draft of loan agreements and related documents with AXDRAFT CLM, banks can dramatically reduce time spent on additional document review and shorten approval cycles of the loan.
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Automated onboarding with soft learning curve
1,5 min average drafting time
Access from any device

Documents you can automate

Retail lending documents
Loan Agreements
Master Service Agreements
Financial leasing contract
Corporate lending documents
Employment contracts
Procurement contracts
Your contract’s journey inside AXDRAFT
Step 01

Your Awesome Bank’s manager checks the client’s credit score and begins drafting a loan agreement inside AXDRAFT.

Step 02

They draft the agreement by answering simple questions and fill in the client information.

Step 03

The agreement is shown to the client and signed on premises, or shared inside the platform. The client does not need to sign up with AXDRAFT to access it.

Step 04

A loan agreement is ready to be signed.

Step 05

If a custom clause is required in the agreement, the manager comments it on the document.

Step 06

Automated workflows send the document to a legal team for approval within your Awesome Bank.

Step 07

They review the contract inside AXDRAFT. Once legal has checked the document, they approve it in one click.

Step 08

Once legal has checked the document, they approve it in one click.

Step 09

The Loan Agreement is ready-to-sign by both parties.

Step 10

Any team member of your bank can check agreement terms with ease inside AXDRAFT cloud storage.

Get it done with AXDRAFT

Accelerate loan granting

Spend minutes instead of hours drafting documents and modifying clauses with AXDRAFT CLM. Our platform makes document distribution easier and allows for timely contract reviews and approval, which helps your bank secure more deals.

Eliminate the need for in-person visits

Our contract lifecycle management software allows for remote banking operations. Draft documents, and send them to clients for data fill in. By integrating local registries and valid e-signature tools, the entire process takes minutes and without having to meet your clients in person.

Manage contractual obligations

AXDRAFT CLM offers smart storage and search features that let banks organize documents in logical bundles, track key contract deliverables, and take action to extend contract lifespan. Ensure regional and industry compliance by keeping all documents within reach.

Leverage data security

AXDRAFT CLM protects data by encrypting and safeguarding it against data breaches on our platform. Sensitive information will no longer be compromised across emails or shared folders.

Delegate contracts to your clients

Reduce your time spent on drafting, filling in, and signing sales contracts to zero. With AXDRAFT QuickDocs you can create branded self-service contracts with conditional workflows. Improve customer experience by giving them full control over the contract workflow.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

AXDRAFT made it possible to standardize all procurement-related contracts and ensure that the employees always use the most up-to-date templates.

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Lawyer’s hours saved
Value gained annually

AXDRAFT ensured that all client information is provided once and is automatically transferred to all the necessary documents.

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2.08 min
Time/document with AXD
77 min
Time/document without AXD

By automating the ISDA Master Agreement drafting, AXDRAFT helped The Royal Bank of Scotland accelerate their supply agreement management and increase their capacity for more valuable work, all the while mitigating risks through securing contract quality and integrity.

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faq 4

How much time do banks save with AXDRAFT?

Banks process contracts 89.3% faster after switching to AXDRAFT CLM. You can calculate your own savings using our pricing calculator.

How AXDRAFT helps banks save money on contract management?

With streamlined contract workflows and automated routine, banks that use AXDRAFT reduce legal spend by an average of $752.6K annually.

Which aspects of bank contract management does AXDRAFT cover?

AXDRAFT CLM helps banks shorten loan approval and lease granting. In addition, bank managers can track contractual obligations and generate performance reports based on the amount of contracts they processed.

Which tools does AXDRAFT replace for banks?

AXDRAFT CLM makes contract workflows frictionless by combining word processing, template assembly, document collaboration, email, task management, cloud storage, eSign, and analytics in one software.

Can I migrate my existing contracts onto the platform?

Absolutely! Migration to AXDRAFT is free of charge, and it doesn’t matter where you migrate from—paper contracts, legacy software, or another CLM.

Can AXDRAFT integrate with my CRM software?

Yes, AXDRAFT offers integration with CRM platforms, such as Salesforce and Pipedrive and collaboration tools such as Slack.

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