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AXDRAFT for software companies

We automate your routine contract work and help you build a self-functioning document ecosystem. You focus on being a unicorn.

Documents you can automate
Non-Disclosure Agreements
SaaS contracts
Master Service Agreements
Work orders
Employment contracts
Data Processing Addendums
Sales Agreements
Service Agreements
Statements of Work
Price quotes and estimates
Order forms
Get it done with AXDRAFT
Generate self-serve documents
Stay transparent and GDPR-compliant with zero involvement from your side. All of your product policy documents can be bundled and delivered to the end users automatically, so you can easily process large volumes of data with no countercheck.

Empower your sales team
Allow your sales team to leap forward and close more deals without consulting the legal team on every step. AXDRAFT helps build streamlined sales documents that would be in-line with company policies, and proofread against errors. AXDRAFT smart analytics dashboard will display your sales team progress.
Give momentum to the hiring process
AXDRAFT allows your HR team to go through hiring and onboarding faster by using auto-filled document templates and sending the document for e-signing to the new employee. With the mobile version supported, your new hires can sign the documents on the go.

Organize freelance contracts
Employ external talent, protect your intellectual property, and stay on track of performance with AXDRAFT. Our platform allows you to document your relationship with freelancers by keeping obligations in sight, while our analytics helps you control costs and stay on top of contract terms.
Build a contract database
Never lose a single document across spreadhseets and shared folders again. AXDRAFT provides a smart document storage system with flexible filtering by metadata, which ensures that you can find any contract within seconds. Our platform also allows you to address risks by making bulk changes across your templates.

Run a marketplace with zero friction
AXDRAFT contract management platform reduces legal bottlenecks for your marketplace by minimizing your team involvement by automating the relationship with new vendors and speeding up document turnaround time. Quickly one-time document roll out lets to expand your coverage and scale your business.
Make sure all your teams are doing what they are best at

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