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AXDRAFT for CPG companies

CPG companies use AXDRAFT across the board both for buy side and sell side contracts. They usually start with high volume low risk documents, like NDAs and expand to automate vendor MSAs, as well as sales, marketing and distribution agreements on the sales side.

Documents you can automate
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Master Service Agreements
Work orders
Marketing Agreements
Distribution Agreements
Contract claims
Sales Agreements
Service Agreements
Statements of Work
Price quotes and estimates
Packaging lists
Get it done with AXDRAFT
Identify growth opportunities
Our contract lifecycle management platform empowers users not only to always track supply contract obligations and contract terms, but to also evaluate the performance of contracts in our Analytics dashboard. This gives you relevant data to assess your activity, and scale your business accordingly.

Let sales and procurement teams close more deals
Entrust your business teams with contract management without having to worry about document generation time and mistakes. With AXDRAFT, you get custom-tailored templates proofread by lawyers to reflect all company policies, making constant legal team oversight no longer necessary.
Improve customer service
Contract quality and deal close time influences customer satisfaction. Our document drafting software ensures that you quickly deliver flawless contracts, and get approval without any technical friction. Let AXDRAFT do the groundwork for your customer experience.

Collaborate with vendors
AXDRAFT offers advanced document collaboration possibilities, allowing vendors access to the document drafting process for faster review and negotiation on contracts. Email notification provides updates on redlines requiring attention.
Build full-cycle sales document workflows
Build complex automated document approval flows with our contract management solution. AXDRAFT provides a spectrum of third-party integrations and user role assignment to team members and vendors. This enables edits, comments, approval, and signature of documents. This setup allows contracts to quickly travel between

Focus on generating revenue, not generating documents

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