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AXDRAFT for property management companies

Property management companies leverage AXDRAFT to reduce drafting and negotiation time for lease agreements, outdoor and indoor advertising agreements, all related work orders and addendums, and even some standardized tenant correspondence.

Documents you can automate
Lease Agreements
Tender Documents
Advertising Agreements
Disclosure Statements
Work orders
Rental Applications
GDPR documents for landlords
Rent documents
Employment contracts
Tax forms
Invoices and rental payments
Property maintenance and inspection documents
Tenant Move-In, Move-Out, Residency, and Eviction forms
Get it done with AXDRAFT
Give an impulse to property rental
Minimize the gap between tenancies by speeding up contract turnaround. AXDRAFT’s dynamic templates, auto-fill, and collaboration features allow you to speed up document drafting, negotiation, approval, and signing from hours to mere minutes, ensuring that your property is never out of action.

Protect your contracts from errors
With AXDRAFT, you can fully delegate property rental document management to business teams, and limit the involvement of legal teams in the drafting process. We will prepare proofread and pre-approved document templates that give no room for equivocality, and can be filled by simply answering questions. Legal approval will no longer be in the way of your business operation.
Analyze your business performance
Monitor your occupancy rates, costs dynamics, and operation speed with AXDRAFT analytics dashboard. Our platform allows you to closely examine your performance, build custom reports, and spot the areas for improvement of your contract management. All of your contracts are stored in our database with smart search power, which helps you to keep track of contract status.

Automate payment processes
With AXDRAFT, you can monitor due dates, build and deliver invoices in several clicks. Whenever you need to update your pricing policy or index your pricing, our platform lets you bulk deploy such changes and make sure that all your contracts are up-to-date. Focus on the value of your contracts, not the effort it takes to manage them.
Ensure contract compliance
AXDRAFT allows you to automatically build in contract compliance terms right into your documents, making them visible and transparent at the early stages, and liberating legal teams from the need to redline the contracts right before signing. Our dynamic templates let you select the clauses that apply in several clicks.

Capitalize on your property performance with zero legal roadblocks

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