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AXDRAFT for pharmaceutical

AXDRAFT helps companies in the pharma industry to automate both contract work with health care professionals, and internal documentation related to research and clinical trials, product promotion, and procurement. AXDRAFT makes paperwork with HCPs fast, flawless and data-driven.

Documents you can automate
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Confidential Disclosure Agreement
Master Service Agreements
Clinical Trial Agreements
FDA applications
Employment contracts
Consulting Agreements
Sales Agreements
Consent forms
Tax forms
Get it done with AXDRAFT
Foster partnerships with HCP consultants
AXDRAFT’s contract lifecycle management power allows you to easily formalize the relationship with the HCPs. By employing our platform you can accelerate research and clinical trials, document and distribute the results, and secure proper educational documentation.

Grow your supply chains
Expand your coverage across regions by modifying contract clauses to match local legislations, prepare new procurement agreements with local vendors and promotional documents. Our analytics and storage will allow you to track supply dynamics and drill down into data to evaluate your performance.
Easily employ new talent
With AXDRAFT you can simplify the hiring process by automating the employment documentation. Prepare and deliver document batches for your new team members in a few clicks, and maintain company formatting style across each contract.

Crystallize your financial documents
Keep all your financial and budgeting documents in one place and transparent for the teams, without the risk of losing them across shared folders. With AXDRAFT, you will always be in the know of document terms and regulations, which allows you to renew the agreements, and also track and increase the value of your contracts.
Streamline FDA compliance applications
Bringing a new product to the market requires a multitude of legal documents and application forms. With AXDRAFT, you can adjust your contracts to match regional requirements, and get FDA compliance faster by staying on top of the policies, and simply tweaking your templates.

Safeguard your intellectual property
AXDRAFT contract management platform allows you to draft the documentation to patent the new formulas and get IP valuation. With our intuitive document storage, you can control the distribution and access to these documents, while the collaboration lets business teams cooperate on drafting them.
Avoid legal bottlenecks in the research, testing, and distribution of your medical products

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