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To Self-Service, or Not to Self-Service?
Knowing how to self-service contracts will save valuable time while increasing revenue and cutting down on routine busywork.
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Self-Service Contracts
What are they?
Self-service contracts enable departments and teams to create and finalize contracts without significant help from Legal. Automated workflows support the creation of low-value, high-volume standardized contracts to speed up work, cut costs, and close more deals faster.
How do they work?
  • Create contract templates, set them up, and automate them on your end.
  • Embed a link to a contract on your website or send it directly to clients.
  • Ask clients to submit the contract with all necessary info filled in.
  • Provide clients perfectly structured, legally approved, and signed contracts while automatically storing contract data in your system.
What's needed for a self-service contract?
  • Make sure it's a basic contract with a lower contract value.
  • Approve the template, not the contract itself, to ensure compliance.
  • Use standardized language in the template.
  • Make sure any custom clauses use standardized language.
  • Implement eSign.
  • Make the template public-facing.
  • Designate a single repository for storing and analyzing contracts.
Curious to find out how self-service contracts compare with typical contracts? See for yourself!
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Self-service workflows
Self-service is ideal for contracts that are already approved and whose workflows allow Legal to provide input when needed.
Processing SOC-2 Support Requests
Provide copies of SOC-2 reports upon request. Ensure your company remains compliant with legal requirements by having NDAs and other agreements signed and submitted before sending SOC-2 reports.
Gathering Consent
Keep your company in line with local regulations. Speed up the collection of consent agreements. Guarantee that individuals understand their rights, including the right to withdraw consent.
Expanding Vendor Services
Onboard new vendors, manage contract approval, and monitor purchase orders or payment requests. Instead of waiting to close a deal with a new vendor, jump to the acceptance stage and starting raking in more revenue.
Onboarding New Employees
Accelerate how long it takes to onboard new employees. Sign basic agreements before terms of employment start, such as offer acceptances, NDAs, background checks, payment details, tax forms, and labor contracts.
Collecting Client Data for Sales Teams
Automatically gather client information for your sales department to use for future pitches. Enable sales teams to find ways to meet client needs and expectations while growing the company’s revenue.
Requesting Invoices From Freelancers
Collect invoices from freelancers without having to message or chase them down. Receive payment requests for goods and/or services. Collect payment details and document business transactions.
Establishing New Partnerships
Get new partnerships up and running faster and easier. Outline goals, deliverables, and duration of agreements. Establish liabilities, duties, contributions, and dispute resolution.
Delivering SaaS Agreements
Send clients everything they need to know before agreeing to use your products. Inform clients about who owns data, how it can be accessed, and how it can be transferred. Outline any use of customer data.
Outlining Scope of Work
Set boundaries and milestones for projects and partnerships. Define how the scope is managed. Identify all related resources and expected outcomes.
See the workflows in action
Zero friction
Approval delays cause major friction between Legal and other departments. Self-service reduces Legal’s workflow while improving efficiency, significantly reducing friction along the way.
No legal review bottlenecks
Standardized contracts ensure that Legal no longer has to pour multiple hours in ensuring compliance. This cuts down turnaround by a considerable amount, eliminating legal review as a bottleneck.
Reduced contract costs
Time is money, so reducing time spent on contracts leads to lower contract costs. And that means more funds are available for more possible deals.
Higher value legal work
Self-service removes the need for Legal to focus on low value documents and routine busywork. Instead, Legal can pursue other opportunities with much greater value.
Faster cycles
Standardized language translates to fewer requirements for significant edits or legal review. In turn, contracts can get signed and executed faster without extensive delays.
Improved customer experience
Guarantee that everything goes according to plan. Teams and clients alike can create the documents they need, the way they need, and when they need (even if it’s 3 in the morning… Zzzz…).
More deals
Less time spent on a contract means more time for other opportunities. Close more deals and create more revenue for your business.
Uniform language
Companies need Legal to guarantee their contracts are legal, enforceable, and compliant. Self-service helps ensure that once Legal’s approved a document, they won’t need to approve another.
Self-service contracts: Fuel to make your business run faster
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Contracts to Automate

Protect sensitive company information by speeding up non-disclosure agreements
Ensure regulatory compliance with comprehensive data processing agreements
Sales agreements
Speed up exchanges of goods, services, or properties with sales agreements
Supplier agreements
Set up how goods and services are ordered and delivered with supplier agreements
Formalize partnerships, as well as the their terms and conditions, with master service agreements
Establish project deliverables and goals for independent contractors with statements of work
SaaS agrements
Lay out terms and conditions of providing software services with SaaS agreements
Vendor agrements
Finalize business relationships and obligations and close deals faster with vendor agreements
Letters of employment
Access employment verification letters instantly if you wish to apply for a loan or buy a house
Match purchase orders and invoice requests with their respective invoice
License agreements
Control the use of software and other services while building commercial relationships with license agreements
Partner agreements
Sort out the roles, responsibilities, and profit-sharing of each partner with partner agreements
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How can you transform your templates into self-service contracts?
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Teams that can use self-service contracts


Legal teams can save themselves and every other department significant amounts of time while standardizing contracts and improving compliance.


Sales teams can close more deals faster by focusing on opportunities and customers instead of waiting for contract approval.


IT teams can rapidly deliver data processing agreements, SaaS agreements, SOC-2 requests, NDAs, and consent forms.


Procurement teams can ensure their companies stay up and running with no downtime or shortages by managing their own agreements.


HR teams can speed up employment processes by automating standard agreements that need minimal editing, such as offer letters, NDAs, and SOWs.


Finance teams can quickly estimate their company’s budget, revenue, and much more thanks to the data automatically gathered.

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Skip the red tape while saving money with self-service contracts

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