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Deliver documents without spending a single minute drafting them

Set up 100%-compliant self-service document automation workflows that need zero input from your legal team. Cut legal costs, save time, and focus on high-impact work with QuickDocs.

Want to go from 30 minutes to 0 minutes when drafting, signing, and turning out simple contracts?


What is QuickDocs?

AXDRAFT QuickDocs is fully self-service document automation software that processes, signs, and delivers simple contracts to your clients. QuickDocs uses your compliant legal templates so that you don’t have to involve your lawyer.

All your clients have to do is fill in their information to get their contract prepared in seconds.

No bottlenecks. No delays. Just simple contracting.

QuickDocs is perfect for

Unlimited users
600 documents/yr
Cancel anytime
30-day money-back guarantee
Live in 3 days
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Standard features

Intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing interface with document white-labelling. Stay in line with your company’s branding guidelines.

Built-in document storage, metadata, and analytics for easy contract navigation. Use metadata or full-text search to find contracts, evaluate performance, analyze contract terms, and make informed business decisions.



Flexible document drafting with a custom clause library and conditional logic. Answer simple questions to generate contracts and automatically adjust the document’s structure.

Public-facing templates to embed on your website. Provide seamless onboarding experiences by giving your clients control over drafting simple documents like NDAs, DPAs, and SOC-2 report requests.

Save over 30% of your lawyer’s annual salary and 40+ hrs/month on contract drafting

A lawyer’s median hourly rate is $90.

If your team spends 2 hours on a routine request like a DPA or an SOC-2 report, this adds up to $180 per document and $3,600 a month for 20 similar requests. QuickDocs handles such tasks for you at a fraction of the cost.

Invest your legal team’s time and budget into something that can generate more value.

WHY QuickDocs?

Optimize your legal spend

Instead of growing your headcount, you can automate routine documents. QuickDocs allows you to control legal expenses by efficiently using your in-house resources.

Control your workload

Empower your team to do the job they signed up for. Your team can forge ahead as one of the company’s strategic partners by helping grow business and creating a positive reputation for the legal department.

Deliver frictionless customer experiences

Put your clients in charge of their onboarding. Let them do it when they need it, how they need it. QuickDocs removes human bottlenecks and streamlines contract processes, which creates a smoother and more memorable customer experience.

Prioritize tasks better

Remove simple document drafting from the picture. Use the time gained to reassess your backlog, address less urgent work, and pursue high-value projects (without having to worry about contract compliance).

How it works?


You send us the document templates for us to automate. No implementation fee. No extra charges. Just a free bonus.


You embed a link to the template on your website (or just drop it to your clients directly via any channel).


Your client fills in and submits the template with all necessary information.


Your clients gets a perfectly structured, fully approved, and legally signed contract. Your system stores their data automatically.

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How QuickDocs stacks up against
the competition

We are up for a good match against great document automation or data collection software. Find out how QuickDocs features compare with our competitors.

DocuSign PowerForms
PandaDoc Forms
Automation of simple fill-in forms
Built-in e-Sign
Custom branding
Sign and pay (action flow)
Dynamic document drafting (with flexible condition-based clauses)
Multiple document delivery (action flow)
Full-text search across stored documents
Unlimited documents
Unlimited users

Want to find out how QuickDocs can fit into your existing legal operations workflows?

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Frequently asked questions

faq 4

Does this only work for DPA and NDA, and SOC-2 reports?

Not exactly 🤔
So far, we’ve provided pre-built automated templates for Non-Disclosure Agreements, Data Processing Addendums, and SOC-2 report requests. If you have another document type in mind, just reach out to our team. We’ll analyze your documents for patterns and discuss all options.

Do you provide refunds?

Absolutely 😎
We maintain a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for some reason our document automation solution doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund the full amount.

How does  QuickDocs differ from similar solutions?

Lots of ways 🤗
QuickDocs is the only self-service document automation software currently available that provides (1) identifiable corporate branding, (2) storage and analytics options, and (3) flexible template clauses that change according to a user’s answers. Other automation software only processes a single contract template without deviations, and it doesn’t give you any visibility beyond the point of drafting.

How is the price determined? Is it volume-based?

It’s not 🙃
QuickDocs final price is based on the number of contract templates you want to automate, regardless of the number of documents drafted using this template.

Do you charge extra for implementation?

No, we don’t 😊
Implementation is a free bonus that all our users get when onboarding with QuickDocs. We have an automated engine that allows us to roll out your NDA, DPA, and SOC-2 request contracts in just 3 days at no extra cost.

Do my clients need to be QuickDocs users to draft documents?

Not at all 😉
You can make your contract templates public. They can then be accessed by any client, prospect, or vendor. Or you can just grant third-party access via email.

Time per document with axdraft
Time per document before axdraft
5+ months
The ease of use for our customers is huge for us, but the easing of administrative burden on my team has been the biggest win. We’re no longer monitoring an inbox and updating spreadsheets. Rather, we’re capturing all necessary data at the point of submission.
Head of Legal Operations

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