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How to transfer data?

AXDRAFT allows you to transfer data between document in the scope of the project.

Thanks to this feature, data that you input once in any of the documents inside the projects is automatically transferred to all other document inside the projects. No more copy/paste, just magic!

How to overwrite data?

Apart from transferring data, which is saved from your first draft, AXDRAFT also allows you to overwrite the data in the scope of the project.

Just pick the data you want to change or overwrite everything with the latest data and AXDRAFT will remember it. Check out the video for detailed instruction on how to do it.


In this video we show how to use AXDRAFT and all of its features.

We walk you through the process and generating your first document and navigating AXDRAFT. Watch the video for more details!

Auto-draft documents

AXDRAFT has a feature which allows you to automatically prepare a document based on historical data.

When preparing document inside the project – AXDRAFT saves the answers and allows you later re-use them to automatically prepare documents.