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An easy-to-use HotDocs alternative
HotDocs is a most certainly a great platform. But if you want a little extra flexibility, an all-in-one system, and no onboarding effort, AXDRAFT might be the document automation software you’re looking for.
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With HotDocs, you need to plow through regular expressions to assemble your legal templates, which can take several months. Or you could pay extra to have someone else do it for you.
AXDRAFT takes care of this process and does all the automation work for you. You tell us which legal document templates you want to use. We put them together for you inside our document automation software, in less than 2 weeks, at no extra cost.
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Ease of use
Hotdocs can be overwhelming

With a steep learning curve and a not-so-simple interface, mastering HotDocs could be a lengthy challenge.
AXDRAFT is simple and straightforward

We made our document automation modular to remove unnecessary features and leave no room for equivocality or confusion. During the 1-month trial run our support team makes sure each user masters our workflows to the point they can’t remember how they worked before AXDRAFT.
Friendlier price
Hotdocs can get pricey

Seat-based monthly pricing can be a bargain for some teams, but may leave a hole in your pocket if more than a few users are involved in your document drafting workflows and your software budget is not unlimited.
AXDRAFT adjusts to your budget without hidden fees

As an alternative to HotDocs, AXDRAFT offers flexible volume-based or seat-based pricing, and a customizable feature set. We will insist you save your budget and start small with just the features you need, and only expand when you feel confident doing so.
More features
Hotdocs sticks to the established features

Despite it’s main focus on document drafting automation that ends at the point of contract creation, HotDocs often calls for a lot of repetitive actions, barely supports collaborative document generation.
AXDRAFT offers lightning-fast drafting—and reaches beyond

With AXDRAFT, you get a customizable platform that covers 90% of expectations from a contract management platform out-of-the-box. The remaining 10% will be developed in accordance with your unique needs. Whether you need a CLM, or a more simple contract assembly tool, we have it all pre-built as separate modules, ready to be tailored to your workflows.
Drafting documents on the go
Hotdocs is best-suited for desktop

The main document automation capabilities are available inside the desktop version only. You will need to keep your laptop within reach at all times to respond to any urgent requests.
AXDRAFT works on any device

Our document automation software is 100% cloud-based. This means that anything you can do from your laptop, you can do from a mobile device—draft, review, approve, sign contracts, or pull up the analytics. It’s all there, and it all works the same.
Cordial customer support
Hotdocs can get too pushy

There’s a thin line between being helpful and salesy when it comes to customer service, and let’s just say HotDocs tends to lean towards the dark side a bit too much.
AXDRAFT wants to help, not sell

As a HotDocs alternative, the goal of AXDRAFT customer support is to help, guide, and teach. We want you to feel happy, not cornered, and give you complete control over your own growth inside AXDRAFT.
New ways to interact with your clients
Hotdocs is more traditional

Being one of the pioneers on the market with long-established software, HotDocs often calls YOU to fit your workflows into the existing automation patterns, which can cause a certain level of discomfort.
AXDRAFT helps you build a better client experience

With our document automation solution, you get a variety of untraditional workflows, such as self-service contracts and collaborative drafting, and a selection of channels to reach your clients where THEY will feel most comfortable and happy, and YOU move forward faster.
Public-facing documents
Hotdocs leaves you in charge

If you require any input from the clients or counterparties in your document drafting process, with HotDocs you may need to resort to the old-school channels (like emails and calls) to get it.
AXDRAFT lets your clients bring extra value

You can make AXDRAFT template public and share it on your website, or via direct message. Your clients won’t need an AXDRAFT account, and will only see the sections they need to fill.
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Explore the features that makes AXDRAFT a prime alternative to HotDocs
Document generation
Automated document template assembly
Creation of document without passing through network (desktop-like security level)
Ability to create complex, tailored documents
Support of multiple languages and bilingual documents
100% brand compliance across all documents
Ability to integrate data from public registries
Ability to re-use deal data in all deal documents
Document version control
Public-facing links
Contract workflow
Multiple document creation at once
Ability to invite third party to collaborate with no sign-in
Native e-sign
Document collaboration
Workflow appoval process
Ability to import existing contracts into the software
Basic features
In-program marketplace of ready-made templates
Role management
Cross-device performance without functionality losses
Soft learning curve
Helpful customer support
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Lean back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting while we migrate your documents to AXDRAFT.
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Turn out simple contracts in 0 minutes
With QuickDocs self-service contracts, you can empower your clients to draft and sign 100% compliant simple documents without any input from your side.
Automatically translate contracts into any language
Does your company operate globally? It makes no difference to your workflows. You can easily draft multilingual contracts without any time lags or performance drawbacks.
Simplify the text of the documents
If your clients find it hard to decypher legal language, AXDRAFT has a built-in engine to help them understand any clause inside your documents, without changing its final wording.
Pull data from public registers into your contracts
You probably hate copying and pasting the information as much as we do, that’s why AXDRAFT integrates with corporate registries in the United States and 42 other countries. On top of the connections to your CRM, e-sign, and any other productivity tool.


reviews: 4.9/5
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Axdra is very easy to use and produces documents quickly. It is entirely customizable, and customer support is extremely responsive. In our case it allows attorneys to be more productive and less reliant on the availability of a

Amy L.
Attorney & Managing Member
Law Practice

Axdra is very easy to use and produces documents quickly. It is entirely customizable, and customer support is extremely responsive. In our case it allows attorneys to be more productive and less reliant on the availability of a

Amy L.
Attorney & Managing Member
Law Practice

Axdra is very easy to use and produces documents quickly. It is entirely customizable, and customer support is extremely responsive. In our case it allows attorneys to be more productive and less reliant on the availability of a

Amy L.
Attorney & Managing Member
Law Practice


faq 4

Can I migrate my existing contracts from Hotdocs to AXDRAFT?

Absolutely. AXDRAFT provides a database for legacy documents, and allows you to assign metadata to the key contract values for further use.

Aren’t you guys biased?

We’d lie if we said we aren’t =). And we’ll totally understand if you decide to go with the competition, they’re very good after all. But if you’re looking for a HotDocs alternative, we want to show you what else is out there, and help you choose the best platform (even if it’s not us).

Can I see a demo first?

Of course! You can check out our instant demo to sample our document drafting workflow, or schedule a live demo with one of our team. No strings attached in either case =)

Do you charge for contract migration?

We don’t We understand that the migration is stressful enough as it is, and we don’t want to lay an extra financial burden on you.

How long does it take to migrate?

It really depends on the volume of documents you want to move to AXDRAFT, and how many templates you want us to automate. We usually try to fit it all into 1 month.

Do you provide a guarantee?

We consider a first month of using our product a trial run. During this month, it’s our job to show you around and teach you to make the best out of AXDRAFT, while you decide if it’s a match.

What’s next?
Sit back and enjoy the seamless migration with our free guide on moving to AXDRAFT from other CLM tools
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See how AXDRAFT will automate your contracts and help you get rid of routine work
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