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The AI-powered CLM for all your contract needs

Gain full control over your contracts. Save up to 80% of your time and resources with error-free workflows that help you manage documents end-to-end.

Create contracts faster than you make an espresso

The old way:

After you finish spending hours drafting and then proofreading the contract, it goes through a myriad of emails and too many takes at approval to count. What you end up with (probably in a few weeks) is a paper skyscraper full of redlines, comments, and other paperwork for you to review. And then the carousel goes for another round.

The AXDRAFT way:

Your contracts have never been so…perfect 🤩

Fastest roll-out in the industry

This is where many companies decide not to get document automation—who wants to pay extra for the roll out or learn programming to assemble templates by yourself? Right, no one. That’s why AXDRAFT is ready for you to draft your first document in as early as two weeks. Oh, and both roll-out and automation is taken care of by us, free of charge.

Draft any contract in less than 5 minutes 🚀

Admit it, there would be no rational sense in adopting new technology if it doesn’t improve your processes. That’s why AXDRAFT made sure that you can draft complex 100+ page contracts at the speed of preparing an engagement letter.

Contracts that take care of themselves

Imagine processing all your NDAs, DPAs, sales contracts, and other simple documentation without even thinking about them. With AXDRAFT QuickDocs, your clients become in charge of signing a contract with you, based on pre-approved templates and workflows that fit every scenario. Discover the magic of self-service contracts.

Compliment your workflows with useful features only

Pre-approved templates

Let your business teams take control over document drafting by always using up-to-date templates in AXDRAFT. Create error-free contracts and easily tailor every template thanks to conditional logic. When the document is drafted, all your lawyer has to do is take a quick look and hit ‘Approve’.

Engage with counterparties

Avoid back-and-forth emails and hidden redlines by inviting third parties to fill-in their contract data in AXDRAFT—without sign up. Create invite links with different access levels and forget about gathering info from multiple copies into one final document.

Contracts that everyone understands

AXDRAFT uses GPT-3 technology, an algorithm that can transform complex language, passive voice, and legalese into clear text that even a 9th grader can understand. Avoid having to explain contract clauses to business teams and remove confusing language from the list of your worries.

Keep track of important events

Structure your work into projects and always keep track of key contract deliverables. Our notifications will make sure that you are aware of upcoming dates in advance—AXDRAFT will remind you about it several times.

Auto-fill data across all the documents

With AXDRAFT, you don’t have to waste time on manual copying and pasting of every piece of information from main contract to annex, to service agreement, to invoice, and so on. Just fill it in once, and the system will transfer every piece of data across all the documents inside a project.

Integrations, integrations, integrations

Connect AXDRAFT to your favorite CRM, eBilling, or collaboration tools to automatically pull data into your contracts without the risk of making a mistake. Then, everytime a contract is created, the record will be created across the systems that AXDRAFT is connected with.

Simple workflows even for the most complex contracts

On average, it takes 30 minutes to process an NDA. We made it 57 seconds. Try our instant demo and see how we did it.

Some of the documents clients love to automate with AXDRAFT





Sales contracts

Service Agreements


Consent forms

Employment contracts

Tender documents

Tax forms

Lease agreements

Work orders

Engagements letters

Marketing contracts

Procurement contracts

ANY contract

Want more power beyond document drafting?

Industries AXDRAFT automation best fits into

Law firms


Are your contracts good quality? AXDRAFT will make them flawless.